3 Surprising Things Medical Marijuana May Be Able to Help With

3 Surprising Things Medical Marijuana May Be Able to Help With

Health and Fitness July 28, 2015

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Medical marijuana doctors can help with more conditions than you might think. Although it’s not legal everywhere (yet), you may want to consider visiting your local medical marijuana doctors if it is legal in the state you reside, and you suffer from one of these issues.

Improving Lung Health. – Believe it or not, medical marijuana may be able to help improve lung health, which is good news for tobacco smokers. According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, marijuana doesn’t impair lung function, and could even increase lung capacity. In the study, those who smoked tobacco lost lung function, but those who smoked marijuana gained lung function. However, this may have been because marijuana smokers took deeper breaths when inhaling, and not from a therapeutic chemical in marijuana.

Anxiety. – In 2010, Harvard Medical School researchers suggested that medical marijuana’s ability to relieve pain and suppress nausea may come from its ability to reduce anxiety. However, higher doses of medical marijuana can actually induce anxiety, and make users paranoid.

Improved Metabolism. – According to a more recent study published in the American Journal of Medicine, pot smokers are skinnier than the average person, have healthier metabolisms, and react to sugars in more healthy ways than others — despite the fact that they wind up consuming more calories as a result of having the munchies.

If it’s legal in your state, and there’s a family practice center with doctors who prescribe medical marijuana, you may want to consider scheduling a consultation to see if they can help you with your medical issue. These are just a few of the medical issues that medical marijuana has been found to be able to help with.

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