How to Plan the Best New York City Vacation

How to Plan the Best New York City Vacation

Health and Fitness November 8, 2017

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists travel to the state of New York. New York offers a lot in terms of travel, including wonderful food choices, relaxing accommodations, and many exciting activities. If you are planning a New York trip soon, these tips will help you plan the best vacation.

Choose accommodations based on plans
Many travelers make the mistake of choosing hotel accommodations and then planning their trip activities. There are thousands of hotels in New York, so it might be more useful to plan your intended activities first. If you are planning on doing some shopping, for example, you will want a hotel nearby New York City. If you want to spend some time in the Finger Lakes, you might enjoy a bed and breakfast there instead. If you intend to spend the majority of your vacation time in your hotel, consider booking luxury accommodations with onsite food and spa services.

Consider who you are traveling with
New York has something for every type of traveler. Traveling with family? You might find the outskirts of the city to be more conducive to family activities. However, if you are planning a couple?s getaway, staying downtown during the winter months is an extremely romantic getaway. At least four out of 10 travelers feel more romantic while on vacation (42%). New York is also a great destination to travel alone. Choose a destination that is in walking distance. You can also stay at a local hostel, where you can connect with other travelers who are also traveling alone.

Make sure you explore the non tourist areas
Any tourist website will provide you with a list of the best restaurants. The restaurants on these lists tend to be tourist populated and in close proximity to the hotels. It can also be exciting to explore New York as a resident. Plan an outing that takes you away from all of the popular tourist attractions. Ask around for recommendations of the insider local foods. There are many restaurants in Skaneateles NY for example. Many of the best restaurants in Skaneateles NY are not well known by tourists.

Participate in some local classes
It might never occur to you to attend a local class during your trip. But, group exercise classes, such as yoga, can be very relaxing. They can also give you a better view of the culture of the city. Over 15 million Americans practice yoga at least once a month. Taking a yoga class in a new location, like New York, will provide you with an entirely different type of yoga class than you are used to. One of the best ways to learn the culture of a new city is to immerse yourself into it. Spend the take visiting small restaurants in Skaneateles NY and then finish the day with a locals yoga or exercise class.

Spend the day at a spa
Most Americans plan a vacation to relax. Sometimes, travelling can be even more stressful and overwhelming than staying at home. After a long day of travelling, spend the day at a local spa. Getting a full spa treatment will reduce the stresses of travel and will set the tone for a relaxing vacation. An international study showed that 59% of people prefer a relaxing vacation to a more active one. Take in some of the local restaurants in Skaneateles NY with some outdoor dining and then end the day with a relaxing massage and full spa treatment.

New York can be an amazingly wonderful and memorable vacation. With so many cities to visit, you will want to play your trip ahead of time. Consider the types of activities you want to participate in, the types of foods you want to try, and who you are travelling with. Follow these travel tips and you are on your way to an unforgettable New York experience. Learn more about this topic here.