Four Reasons Online Doctors Visits Make Sense

Four Reasons Online Doctors Visits Make Sense

Health and Fitness November 13, 2017

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First time parenting can be extremely overwhelming and confusing. There will be numerous times that you want to run to the local emergency room. Many of these ER visits will be completely cautionary. You will be turned away, told that your child?s symptoms are normal, and not to worry. Of course, you are still going to worry. If only you had an on call physician that you could ask these medical questions to, any time of the day or night. With online doctor visit Alberta, you can do just that.

Consult with a physician, in the middle of the night
As a first time parent, you will find that many of your medical concerns come in the middle of the night. This is the moment that you have to decide if you will bring your child to the local ER or wait until the morning, when you can consult with your primary physician. With online doctor visit Alberta, you can get the same attention of a primary physician, without bringing your child out into the cold night. This can be especially problematic if your child is experiencing a fever. Additionally, if your child has a fever, it is best to dress them in lightweight clothing and keep the room temperature around 20 degrees Celsius. Leave them at home and talk to a doctor online Alberta.

Don?t wait for an open appointment
Another problem that new parents come across is fitting into their physician?s office. As a parent, when you want medical answers, you want them now. You don?t want to wait until a week from now, which is the first available appointment that your physician?s office has for you. You can consult with a physician within minutes with doctor on demand Alberta. An online doctor Alberta usually has very short wait times and you can get your medical answers answered within minutes.

You don?t have to take your sick child to a bunch of doctors
The best thing for a child with a cold or the flu is rest. When you are taking your child to their primary physician or the local ER, you could be worsening their symptoms. Children from three months to 18 years should rest and remain hydrated if they have a fever lower than 102 F or 38.9 Celsius. You can ease your worries by consulting with an online doctor visit Alberta. In most cases, you will find that your on call physician recommends over the counter medications and rest.

Receive diagnoses with online doctor visit Alberta
Doctors on call Alberta can provide many of the same services that your primary physician can. In fact, they can even provide diagnoses. Many cold and flus can be diagnosed without any additional testing, meaning your doctor on call Alberta can give you a diagnosis right there, over the computer. Even if additional testing is required, such as with strep through, this test can be completed at home. The Rapid Antigen Detection Test (RADT) is a quick and accurate 5 minute throat swab that can be completed even if you, or your child, are too sick to leave the comfort of your own home and it can diagnose strep throat.

New parents will find that they have many medical questions, at the most inconvenient of times. Avoid dragging your child to the local ER or scheduling numerous physician checkups with your primary doctor by using online doctors? visits. You can speak to a qualified physician within minutes and get the same medical expertise as you would anywhere else.