Don’t Live With Chronic Pain Any Longer Physical Therapy Solutions

Don’t Live With Chronic Pain Any Longer Physical Therapy Solutions

Health and Fitness November 5, 2017

If you always have lower back pain, you might think there’s nothing you can do about it. You might feel like it’s just something to deal with as you get older. However, physical therapy can help you reduce pain and regain your mobility. Physical therapy will target different areas of your body depending on your needs. Spine physical therapy can help improve back pain and make your spine more flexible. This can change your life, improving your mobility and your mood.

A physical therapist knows all about back pain and how to treat it. Arthritis pain in lower back treatment will be different from post-surgery therapy. They require different techniques and timeframes. So it is important that physical therapists receive training and gain experience with the different types of treatment. While it isn’t always lower back pain, it is a very common complaint. So most physical therapists you might go to will have experience with that. To find a physical therapist, talk to your doctor. They will likely have recommendations for you that will also work with your insurance coverage.

Dealing with pain

Chronic pain is a worldwide phenomenon. How many people do you know struggling to get through the week with an aching neck or stiff back? Do you find your sleep cycle interrupted by constant bouts of tossing and turning? If you’ve answered yes to either (or both) of these, it’s likely you know a thing or two about dealing with pain. An insidious element to daily pain is not just the agony it causes our waking hours, but how easy it is to get used to the stiffness and soreness.

From top-to-bottom we’ll look at chronic pain and how it affects your quality of life. It’s time to stop dealing with pain and start taking control of your life once more.

Neck Pain

Over one billion people across the world are dealing with pain every day. Neck pain is one of many manifestations of this condition, brought on by poor posture, old age and personal circumstances. This pain can also extend to the shoulders and upper back, sometimes lower back, and should be taken seriously if it is to be properly treated. Should you find yourself regularly rolling your neck or stretching to relieve pain, it’s possible you have a chronic issue that needs to be sorted at a physical therapy center.

Back Pain

Easily one of the most common forms of chronic pain is upper and lower back pain. This can be caused by bending and lifting heavy objects at work, routine bad posture or a recent sports injury. A recent survey has estimated as many as 40% of Americans who experience lower back pain will not seek professional help for their condition. There are five nerve roots in the lower back, forming what’s known as the large sciatic nerve. Sciatica nerve pain is a severe condition that can keep people from working or sleeping for extended periods of time.

Wrist Pain

Another form of chronic pain is wrist pain. Arthritis is commonly associated with old age, but many factors contribute to swelling, stiffness and burning in the wrists and upper arms. This condition is caused by minor wear and tear to the fragile network of muscles along the joints, seemingly negligible in the short term and potentially disastrous when left unchecked. A medical study saw 60% of respondents with chronic pain reporting their condition has noticeably impacted their enjoyment of life.

Hip Pain

Although lower back pain and wrist pain are more commonly known among American adults, hip pain has shown increased prevalence over the years. This can be limited to one hip or extend to both, impacting an individual’s ability to walk, stand or run. The Annals Of Rheumatic Diseases provided a study on the nature of lower back pain. Over 10% of the world’s population suffer from mobility issues and severe pain along their lower back, cementing it as the leading cause of disability. When the upper back and hips are involved, physical therapy is needed more than ever to help people live their best life.

The Art Of Physical Therapy

Chronic pain would have you believe it’s an inevitable part of life. The fact of the matter is much different. Physical therapy practice has been around for centuries, evolving over time with medical technology to gradually provide you the very best in long-term improvement. Minor cases can include massages and stretching exercises to reduce pain. Severe chronic pain, on the other hand, can benefit from surgery to fully correct. A study on medical surgeries reported up to 60% people who received spinal cord therapy experiencing significant pain reduction one to two years after the procedure.

Could you benefit from neuropathy treatment or a lifestyle change? Make today the day you decide to stop dealing with pain and seek out a solution.