The Surprising Developments Protecting Us From Dangerous Exposures

The Surprising Developments Protecting Us From Dangerous Exposures

Health and Fitness July 18, 2015

Emf shielding fabric

In a world as connected as ours, we are surrounded by a dense mixture of invisible signals. From cellphone signals to wifi to radio waves, most people aren’t aware of how cluttered the air really is.

But many can feel it. You may personally know someone with electromagnetic hypersensitivity and may have even written them off. It’s a common reaction to a serious issue that deserves to be taken care of. What you may not know is that you or your loved ones could be experiencing those same symptoms without realizing the cause. Headache, irritation, and difficulty concentrating are just a few of the symptoms of this sensitivity — manageable problems on their own, but life-disrupting conditions if chronic.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) shielding involves the use of materials to reduce or eliminate exposure to the signals which trigger these symptoms. Please, throw away thoughts of tinfoil hats. EMF shielding materials come in a variety of types and strengths. The effects of EMF exposure take effect on a cellular level in mere minutes and only build up over time.

Already bioelectric shields have been manufactured to aid ADHD sufferers in focusing. Children have some of the highest EMF exposure thanks to the placement of cell phone towers close to schools, and of course their own private use of electronics like laptops and cell phones. We accept that heavy use of devices causes headaches, irritation, etc., so why do we not protect them and ourselves while dealing with the habits?

ADHD has risen at about the same rate as the development of technology. While there is no conclusive cause, you can help a child showing signs of ADHD by alleviating aggravating factors, such as EMF dangers. One should take precaution especially during pregnancy. In a study, overexposure to EMF during pregnancy resulted in children who suffered 25% more emotional problems, 35% more hyperactivity, 49% more conduct problems, and 34% more peer problems.

Luckily, EMF shielding fabric is versatile and can be made with soft, natural materials. Bedding made from EMF shielding fabric alone will protect you or your loved onesfor the third of the day they spend sleeping, and drapes, carpets, or window screens can add extra 24 hour protection.

There is even EMF protection jewelry, a convenient way to subtly take precaution or to start a conversation. EMF sensitivity symptoms aren’t limited to children, and taking care of your own symptoms will make you more productive and more alert.

Whether you believe in “wifi sensitivity” or not, one can not deny that electrical signals are everywhere, nor can you deny such a density of interference has no effect on our own electro-impluse-run bodies. EMF shielding fabric may be the key to living a healthy life as our wireless era moves forward.

Have you noticed more headaches as technology has marched on? Have you ever tried EMF shielding fabric, either for yourself or you family? Please, share your story and spread awareness about this oft-dismissed condition.