Atletes’ Lives Matter — Learn How to Protect Our Kids

Atletes’ Lives Matter — Learn How to Protect Our Kids

Health and Fitness July 24, 2015

Beaumont urgent care

Pencil in this not at the bottom of your kids’ Back To School List: Clinics are open on weekends and evenings to provide urgent care for kids, physicals, and quick check ups …- all without you missing work.

“Schools require physicals, vaccines and other preventive care because good health is critical for learning, and also because schools are a likely setting for the transmission of illness,” said Dr. Robert Kimball, president of the Urgent Care Association of America (UCAA). “Urgent care is an excellent option for a variety of healthcare needs. Just walk in, even after work or on weekends, and your child will see a highly qualified professional.”

Many urgent care centers are also walk in clinics that offer appointments ASAP for most typical needs: sports physicals, vaccinations, quick check ups, hearing and vision screenings, and minor injuries like scrapes, sprains, and rolled ankles. Three million patients visit these doctors every week and the vast a majority of urgent care centers are open seven days a week, often before 9 AM.

When something more serious has happened and you need more urgent care for kids, 80% of the time an urgent care clinic can treat fractures and other sports-related injuries, at least until they can get you in contact with a specialist. But most people come in for colds or injuries; upper respiratory conditions are the most common diagnosis, and wound treatment the most performed procedure.