Whats the Risk? Fall Prevention

Whats the Risk? Fall Prevention

Health and Fitness July 28, 2022

It’s essential to know about fall prevention and recovery education information because healthcare centers are facing more problems and more litigation due to accidents. Luckily, the Youtube video called “Two Minutes: What’s the Risk? Fall Prevention” explains exactly what to do to prevent that risk and what happens if it does. Let’s find out more!

Risk Prevention

One-third of falls in hospitals can result in injury and usually, patients would hire a lawyer to sue the location on this matter, especially if the accident happened due to carelessness. Interestingly, most of these places have hired an active fall prevention team, but some places are still dealing with these issues due to other reasons.

Video Source

To prevent risk, you have to make an assessment and how exactly a patient might fall and injure themselves. You have to consider all the possible scenarios, even if they seem ludicrous. There are standardized tools for risk assessments, and they are pretty efficient at detecting what’s happening with the patient that could lead to a fall.

Secondly, everyone on staff needs to have great communication, as most of the time, injuries happen because some employees are not up to speed on a certain patient, or someone didn’t communicate with janitorial staff to prevent risks.

You watch the rest of the video to learn all the details about fall prevention and recovery education information, and your facility will be in the clear!