Essential Facts You Should Know About Wheelchairs

Essential Facts You Should Know About Wheelchairs

Health and Fitness October 8, 2019

A wheelchair is an essential assistive device that boosts individuals’ mobility. Wheelchairs assist numerous people, particularly persons with disabilities, to become productive members of their societies. Approximately 10% of the globe’s population, a representation of around 650 million individuals, lives with disabilities. Despite their conditions, people with disabilities are entitled to their right to access different places, including social amenities. Moreover, they have the right to access comfortable wheelchairs. On the contrary, studies show that wheelchair accessibility is a problem for some people. Surprisingly, those with access often end up purchasing unsuitable wheelchairs. Here are wheelchair guidelines for users with active lifestyles.

1. A Detailed Wheelchair Fact Sheet

A wheelchair is a unique chair with wheels that enhance movement. Individuals with walking impairments use wheelchairs. It is important to know the features of a wheelchair before purchasing it, especially for active users. Besides containing a seat, a wheelchair is comprised of two small casters, a braking system, wheelchair cushion covers, and footrests. Other extra features include hand-rims, push rings, and calf strap. Active wheelchair users should understand other relevant factors about it in addition to the features. They should know how the size of wheelchair casters are measured and materials of the wheelchair tires.

2. Tips for the Routine Maintenance of Wheelchairs

How do you ensure proper maintenance of your wheelchair? Well, here are some recommendations to ensure your device is in good condition. A wheelchair, just like other machines, requires regular checks for its maintenance. Cleaning and inspection of the wheelchair is an essential task. Maintenance extends the life of your high-performance wheelchair. The wheelchair must be cleaned as required using materials such as paper towels and household cleansers. Thoroughly cleaning the device involves washing the casters and tires. It is recommended to use Armor All or a resembling product to clean tires and casters. Analyzing the position of the seat and backrest is an important maintenance task to ensure the right sitting posture.

Basically, overstretched and worn-out upholstery interferes with the appropriate sitting posture. This can be rectified by regularly adjusting the upholstery. Moreover, it is important to ensure it is cleaned at least twice monthly. It is vital to ensure the straps stay in place to enhance posture during movement. Wheelchairs make statements concerning their users. Therefore, it is important to create the right impression. If you portray a disturbed state while using your wheelchair, you imply that your device is in poor condition.

3. Enactment of Regulations for Wheelchair Users by the Transportation Department

Public transportation can be challenging for wheelchair users. For this reason, the department of transportation implements regulations to ensure access to transport for wheelchair users. Around 98% of public transportation buses are appropriately equipped to accommodate people in wheelchairs. Individuals with wheelchairs that fold find it easy to travel publicly. Drivers have also set rules regarding where users of wheelchairs sit and the security of their wheelchairs. In case the wheelchair cannot fit in public vehicles, wheelchair alterations can be suggested to accommodate the users.

4. Is Your Environment Wheelchair-Friendly?

If you are living with frequent wheelchair users, you should consider whether your home and the entire environment are wheelchair-friendly. If the conditions are permanent, wheelchair alterations can be made to enhance usability. Establishing a friendly environment for the users of wheelchairs involves eradicating barriers that hinder their mobility. The users also require safe environments free from slippery tiles and floors. As such, their homes should have slip-resistant surfaces.

Additionally, doorways should be wide enough to accommodate wheelchair passage. If the doors are narrow, wheelchair alterations can take place for the device to fit in doorway spaces.

5. Seasonal Wheelchair Preparation

The changes in seasons result in regular wheelchair alterations. Winter seasons call for greater preparations of the wheelchairs compared to other seasons. You should ensure that the wheelchair brakes function effectively. Moreover, you can consider certain procedures for wheelchair alterations such as adding grips onto the wheelchair tires to prevent sliding and getting stuck. In extreme cases, wheelchair users can avoid environments that become dangerous during certain seasons.