Drug Use and Abuse Continues to be a Major Problem in North America

Drug Use and Abuse Continues to be a Major Problem in North America

Health and Fitness October 16, 2019

In a time when more and more Americans are lobbying for the recreational use of marijuana in an increasing number of states, there are groups of people across the country who are concerned about a problem that has been haunting the nation for years: opioid drugs. With lives both ruined and lost parents and loved ones of those who become addicted to opioid drugs, there are some who fear that we should not legalize another substance in this country during a time when the country cannot get a handle on the opioid epidemic that we face.

And while there certainly is a long distance between the opioid drugs and the devastation that they are bringing to so many families in this country and the medical or recreational use of marijuana, there is a case to be made for any kind of mood altering or pain eliminating drug, prescription or not. The latest research indicates that more than 2 million Americans each year are affected by prescription opioid misuse. And while many of these people who not become addicts, there is always the fear that there will be those who do. With the introduction of so many foreign chemicals in the electronic cigarette industry, for instance, vaping sales are even being banned in some parts of the country.

Do You Have a Loved One Who Suffers from Addiction to Opioid Drugs?

The drug information that is included with any kind of over the counter prescription medicine can be enough to make anyone fearful. Knowing that there is a growing crisis when it comes to opioid overdose, however, there are many people who want to control as many substances as possible. On the flip side of this controversy, of course, are the people who are certain that the legal use of marijuana as a pain reliever will limit the need some people have to higher potency pain medications. Knowing where to draw the line and just how to treat the opioid addicts is not an easy answer. There are some who believe, however, that changes to government recommendations and aggressive marketing by pharmaceutical companies have led to a dramatic increase in the last 25 years in prescriptions of oxycodone, especially among those patients who have had a need for long-term use in an attempt to deal with chronic pain.

Finding an answer to any addiction, of course, is a challenge. Knowing that every person’s body is wired differently, it is important to know that there is not ever going to be a simple answer. Some people, with even the smallest amount of exposure, in fact, can become more easily addicted while there will be others who will never be at risk of this threat.

From the high prices that patients have to pay for prescription drugs to the continued conversations and arguments about the rehabilitation that is needed for addicts, the nation will likely never find an answer that makes every one happy.

If you are the loved one of an addict, however, you are likely desperate for a solution to a problem that will continue to cost taxpayers millions of dollars every year. It should come as no surprise, of course, that Americans, like others around the world, will always be searching for answers when it comes to pain. For instance, the fact that CBD products continue to grow in popularity is one indication of how anxious many are to find a pain relief. The exploding use of CBD has prompted a major health organization to issue a response. Lotions, oils, and medicines are all products that are increasingly common in the treatment of many kinds of pain.
Starting with a low does and slowly building up, it is also important to make sure that CBD products are purchased from reputable dealers. The National Arthritis Foundation wants people to know that while they recognize that many patients may be taking CBD products, this medical group does not recommend that these patients stop taking their more traditional medications. No matter where you stand on these topics, you will likely always have many who agree and many who disagree as well.