Detox Centers and Weight Clinics

Detox Centers and Weight Clinics

Health and Fitness October 16, 2019

It is an unfortunate fact that many Americans today abuse prescription drugs or opioids, but the good news is that recovery from an addiction is always possible. A drug addict may be encouraged to visit methadone detox centers, heroin treatment centers, or other clinics to get medical help, and this can go a long way in kicking a drub habit. Most often, methadone is a legal prescription drug used to help a patient ease out of heroin, but in rare cases, methadone itself may become the problem, and so the patient should visit local methadone detox centers for help. But that is not always the case; rather than visit methadone detox centers, many drug addicts today may visit heroin rehab clinics or even alcoholism clinics to get clean of substance use. Meanwhile, other patients may seek help at weight loss clinics so that they can lose body weight in a healthy and effective manner.

Getting Clean of Drugs

A drug addict may visit methadone detox centers or heroin detox centers on their own initiative, or if they have experienced an intervention where concerned friends and family urge them to get clean. In any case, a drug addict is discouraged from attempting a detox at home, since that carries risks. During the detox process of flushing drugs out of the body, the patient may experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. That person may resort to using the drug again to deal with the discomfort, thus undoing their process. In other cases, the patient might even suffer from dangerous complications from those withdrawal symptoms, and no one will be around to help.

Instead, addicts can visit detox centers where medical staff can help them. In some cases, a heroin user may get a prescription for methadone, which is a legal drug that helps suppress the patient’s craving for drugs, making recovery easier. In other cases, the patient will check themselves into the clinic and spend a few days there as they detox and get clean. This involves staying in a monitored room and allowing the drugs to leave their body, while enduring the withdrawal symptoms. Should any complications occur, the medical staff may intervene and help.

Only after the patient’s body is clean of drugs can they move on to the next step of recovery, and get counseling and therapy. Different cases may vary in nature, but the patient may talk out their problems with the therapist and discuss why they started using drugs to begin with. The patient may get help building a new, drug-free life, and they may get professional help getting housing and a paying job, too. Recovering addicts and alcoholics may join anonymous support groups, which often proves effective.

Weight Loss at a Clinic

Meanwhile, other Americans may consult their doctors and visit clinics because they are overweight or obese and want to get slimmer. Many fad diets and pills fail to deliver results, but a doctor will know what to do. A person interested in effective weight loss will need medical guidance to make sure that their weight loss plan is both safe and effective in terms of diet and exercise. The patient should consult their doctor about any health complications they may have, such as food allergies, vitamin deficiencies, or a heart condition or recent surgery or even diabetes.

A nutritionist and doctor will give the patient guidelines on a health regimen, and now the patient can create their plan. This often means changing their diet to eliminate fast food and processed foods, which often have added sugars and fats in them that contribute greatly to weight gain. Instead, this person should cook and eat wholesome foods such as chicken and fish, fruits and vegetables, whole wheat and other grains, and dairy such as milk and cheese. This is a long-term dietary change, and it can open up new recipe ideas and make for new meal plans. Also, the person will adopt a more active lifestyle, and within safe limits, engage in exercise such as weight lifting, jogging and bicycle riding, swimming, and sports. Even martial arts classes can burn calories and develop muscle, and they can be great fun, too.