Premature Hair Loss Affecting Your Confidence? FUE Might Be An Option

Premature Hair Loss Affecting Your Confidence? FUE Might Be An Option

Health and Fitness July 21, 2017

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Summer can leave us feeling self conscious and unhappy with our bodies. Summer means warmer weather and less clothing coverage. The same feelings of self consciousness can also arise during the summer months for men with thinning or balding hair. The lack of cold weather accessories draws attention to the head and many men may feel like they need to cover their thinning hair with a hat, even though the sun is hot and it is uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are options to improve your hair condition, and your overall self confidence.

Avoid over the counter pastes and treatments
In your desperation to correct your thinning or balding hair, you might head to your local pharmacy. Pharmacies have shelves full of the latest hair growth trend. These boxes of pastes claim to grow your hair, sometimes within days. The problem with these over the counter pastes and treatments is that there is no research supporting them. Additionally, some of the ingredients used may actually cause your hair to thin or fall out much quicker. There have not been successful results regarding these types of home treatments. It is best to avoid them, save your money, and invest in a FUE hair transplant that can actually provide you with results.

Seek medical consultation
Another problem with over the counter hair restoration treatments is that they do not evaluate the cause of premature balding. The most common cause is Androgenetic Alopecia or common male pattern baldness (MPB) and it accounts for more than 95% of hair loss in men. However, the MPB needs to be evaluated and diagnosed by a medical professional. One of the best things about getting a FUE hair transplant is that you will also visit with a medical provider. This provider will monitor the entire process of the FUE hair transplant.

Research the risks involved
Any procedure that you agree to should come with full understanding of everything involved in the procedure. This is even true of the over the counter treatments. Always understand the risks and expectations that are involved with the hair replacement procedure. The hair transplant clinic that you choose should be thorough in providing you with detailed information. The FUE hair transplant procedure is pretty low risk, but you should still be informed of the procedure. During the Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE hair transplant procedure, individual follicular unit grafts (hair groupings of one to four hairs as they occur naturally in the scalp) are harvested one at a time using a tiny punch typically ranging from .7 to 1 millimeter in size. The good thing about the FUE hair transplant is that it leaves minimal scarring.

Cost of a hair transplant
The main reason that men choose over the counter treatments is because of the cost. The over the counter treatments are extremely affordable. However, in many cases you are wasting your money. If you want to see successful results that last for an extended period of time, you are likely to be more satisfied with the FUE hair transplant procedure. Millions of men to date have invested in the procedure and are satisfied with the results. The specific costs of the hair transplant will depend on the hair clinic you choose.

Early male hair loss is common. In fact, it might be more common than you ever imagined. By the age of 50, approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. These men suffer from feelings of embarrassment and self consciousness. Instead of wasting money on store bought procedures that simply do not work, consider a FUE hair transplant procedure. The procedure has good results, is affordable, and will give you your self confidence back.