What Is an Ibogaine Drug Treatment Program?

What Is an Ibogaine Drug Treatment Program?

Health and Fitness December 31, 2015

Ibogaine treatment center

If you someone you know or love is addicted to drugs like cocaine or heroin, you should consider getting them help at an ibogaine detox clinic. Here’s what you should know.

What Do Ibogaine Drug Treatment Programs Do? – Ibogaine detox programs use ibogaine, a psychoactive substance, to reduce and alleviate withdrawal symptoms, while also decreasing narcotic cravings. It can be used to help treat addictions to opiates, alcohol, and cocaine. It has the ability to make weeks of torturous withdrawal go by painlessly, and safely.

What Does Ibogaine Do? – Basically, ibogaine puts the user into a dreamlike state where they’re presented with the opportunity to self-examine and reflect on their lives. It allows the patient to look at behaviors from another point of view, allowing them to get a different perspective on everything. In other words, it creates a window of opportunity through which the patient can escape and change. They’re also able to help themselves and reflect while taking ibogaine, because they’re not suffering from their withdrawal symptoms. Since they’re not feeling the process of detoxification, they’re able to focus on themselves.

How Effective Is Ibogaine? – Ibogaine is a more effective drug treatment than you might think. Research has found that ibogaine treatments have been able to reduce patients’ cravings for drug use after just 72 to 96 hours. In other words, it’s not only an effective way to help someone detox — it’s a fast way, too.

“Easy” is the last word anyone would use to describe detoxing. Fortunately, ibogaine clinics can help patients eliminate their withdrawal symptoms, overcome their cravings, and ultimately beat their addictions. The sooner you can help them get into an ibogaine clinic, the sooner they can help themselves.

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