Have You Considered Ordering CPAP Supplies Online?

Have You Considered Ordering CPAP Supplies Online?

Health and Fitness January 9, 2016

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Your daughter’s best friend through elementary and middle school had an interesting home situation. It was difficult to decipher from the outside, but her life was nothing like the one one that your family lead. Perhaps the biggest difference was the fact that your daughter’s friend’s dad did not seem to really have a job. Although the couple was the parents of two young girls, they were not married, and while the mom had an impressive job at one of the cities top engineering firms, the dad seemed to have little interest in anything but the sports career of his 14 year old daughter. More than once you had heard mention of this young athlete’s dad being home asleep. In fact, if your family ever dropped your daughter’s friend off at her house after school she talked about how quietly she would have to enter so that she did not wake her dad.
Seemed strange, but you had taught your own children not to pry in other people’s business. Then, one day last summer the confusing pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. When picking this young girl up at her home you noticed that there was a rather large package on the front step. Because you actually had to go to the door and ring the bell, you saw that the package was a box that indicated it contained Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) supplies. Just as you were about to ring the bell a second time, the dad opened the door and seemed just as excited about seeing the box as he was about seeing you. “These CPAP supplies online boxes are supposed to be a life changer for me,” he explained.
With the cardboard box as a conversation opener, your daughter’s friend went on to explain that her dad had recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea. She hoped that her dad would get back to working full time now that they were realizing what had been the cause of so many of his health issues. Described as a serious sleep disorder, any type of sleep apnea can create the following health concerns:

  • Increased tendencies toward attention deficit disorder
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Headaches, often severe
  • Heart concerns like irregular heart beat, heart attacks, and failure
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke

Once diagnosed through a home sleep test or sleep clinic stay, ordering CPAP supplies online can indeed change the life of longtime sleep apnea sufferers. For the 18 million Americans who suffer from this condition, ordering CPAP machines and other CPAP supplies online is a way to limit their risk to other serious health risks, as well as other complications of not getting enough sleep. Studies indicate that for optimal health results and the best chance of receiving insurance coverage, sleep apnea patients should use the prescribed sleep aid materials a minimum of 70% of the time for an entire month. Following these procedures for at least four hours a night during an entire month will significantly increase the opportunity for a good night’s rest.
Unfortunately, even after a lengthy diagnosis process and finally finding relieve through the prescribed items, user surveys indicate that as many as 50% of sleep apnea patients quit using the supplies after six months. In the case of the dad of the young athlete, however, the monthly arrival of the CPAP supplies on the front porch mean a chance to get back to work and a normal family life.