American Healthcare Success Only Full-Time Employees Benefit

American Healthcare Success Only Full-Time Employees Benefit

Health and Fitness December 2, 2015

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One part of the American healthcare system that has been almost totally successful is the regulation to offer group health insurance to full-time employees. In this country, medical benefits are provided to 99% of full-time workers, which is an impressive statistic. These health plans do require monthly contribution deducted from the employee’s salary, but the amount is a great deal less than if the individual was buying their own healthcare. The issue then of course is what are the part-time employee benefits and how do unemployed people afford to buy healthcare.

Employee benefits enrollment software can help employers to streamline the managing of employee benefits and benefits packages. The human resource department of a company manages health insurance, sick leave and maternity leave, and it is a crucial department because about half of American employees say the most important thing in their employment choices are the benefits. Online human resources software is becoming popular with some larger companies to make sure the process goes smoothly and even downsize the amount of personnel needed. The employee benefits enrollment software would be part of this package meant to provide employers with the best benefits administration tools. Studies show that a majority of companies may be looking into new HR software solutions and planning to purchase within the next year and a half.

Even though employers are only required to provide health insurance if they employ more than fifty people, a majority of smaller businesses at least provide paid sick leave. Overall, 98% of employees who are full-time are provided paid sick leave by their employer. The amount of employers that provide paid vacation time varies somewhat, as well as paid or unpaid maternity leave, with the national minimum requirement being 12 weeks. There are many possible reasons for unpaid leave where the employee’s job is protected, such as a serious medical condition of the employee or a family member, or the birth of a child.