The Many Benefits of Occupational Therapy Treatments

The Many Benefits of Occupational Therapy Treatments

Health and Fitness July 15, 2022

Occupational therapy services assist individuals who have lost their ability to perform their primary tasks of daily living. An occupational therapist’s role is to restore a person’s ability to do their routine activities of everyday living. Some of these activities include bathing, using the restroom, eating, dressing, driving, and cooking.

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Occupational therapy treatments bring about a few key benefits.

These services can enhance a person’s independence. Occupational therapy services assist a person in regaining the ability to do simple daily tasks by themselves. Individuals who have suffered from a stroke can lose their independence as they have to rely on another person for almost everything. However, OT allows them to go back to doing things for themselves.

You can also benefit through gaining boosted strength and endurance. Occupational therapy services can evaluate a person’s movements and cognitive needs for daily tasks and innovatively implement exercises and tasks to focus on a patient’s current abilities.

Many people are also able to develop cognitive skills through occupational therapy. This therapy can consist of brain exercises and tricks that enhance organization, memory, and attention. Examples of memory aids that can be useful in these services are memory games and audiobooks.

The final major benefit of these services is improving sleep and wake schedules. Individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome, a side effect of severe diseases, can benefit much from OT services and successfully regain their ability to keep to a healthy sleep schedule.