Footrests for Wheelchairs, A Simple Modification

Footrests for Wheelchairs, A Simple Modification

Health and Fitness May 24, 2021

Most standard wheelchairs will be outfitted with footrests for wheelchairs. You may get to a point where you will need to change out the footrests for wheelchairs to something upgraded. Changing out the footrests for wheelchairs is simple and can help you to upgrade or modify your current rig.

Approximately 20 million people over the age of 18 worldwide struggle with limited mobility. Wheelchairs help to keep people on the move. However, the most affordable wheelchairs are not customized to the individual. Making wheelchair modifications including modifying footrests for wheelchairs can make the chair more comfortable and improve access, and overall mobility support.

Why Would You Upgrade Footrests for Wheelchairs

In many cases, when you want to make other modifications to your wheelchair you will have to switch out the footrests for wheelchairs to make those modifications. For example, with a high-performance wheelchair, you may have to change the footrests to upgrade to something more comfortable for you.

Wheelchair modifications are common because wheelchairs are not designed with the individual in mind. They are a basic concept, four wheels, and a seating area. Individual needs vary based on the disability. For example, lower back injuries, and leg injuries, require different types of support from a wheelchair. The injuries also require different types of footrests for wheelchairs.

It is a Simple Fix

In most cases, switching out the footrests for wheelchairs can be accomplished in a few minutes. Those few minutes spent on the modification can result in immediate improvement in comfort. It is well worth the time investment.

There are many different footrest styles to choose from. In other words, there is something for everyone. Changing your footrests out to a set that is more accommodating for you is a simple easy way to upgrade your wheelchair.

Customize for Comfort

You must spend a lot of time in your wheelchair, making it as comfortable as possible is important to your mobility. Making custom changes to your wheelchair can help you to use your wheelchair more and take back your freedom.

Learn more today about the footrests that are available and how they can help you to stay comfortable in your wheelchair. Customize your wheelchair today and get more use out of your wheelchair.