Six Reasons To Ditch The Gym And Work Out At Home

Six Reasons To Ditch The Gym And Work Out At Home

Health and Fitness October 1, 2019

Home fitness is on the rise as millions of people learn the benefits it can provide. If you’re tired of costly gym commitments, it’s time to hit the sports store and pick up equipment that you can make the most of in your own home.

Sports stores have a wide variety of fitness equipment, whether you want to train by playing an actual sport, or if you want to start building your own home gym. The only limits on home fitness are the ones you make yourself.

The Benefits Of Working Out At Home

No longer goes getting in shape mean leaving your house. If you’re looking for one of the best ways to exercise and stay in shape, here are some of the benefits of working out at home.

  • Convenience. If your local gym isn’t right around the corner, then you’re wasting valuable time, especially if you work during the week. It can be hard to find the time to drive to the gym, workout, shower, drive back, and then complete whatever you have to at home. That’s a lot of time wasted! When you’re gym is at home you can come home from work, put on comfy clothes and work out for as long as you want. If you’re hungry, take a break and make a snack! You’re in your own home, the choice is yours!
  • Flexible. Home fitness works with any schedule. Even if you get in 15 minutes before heading to work in the morning, it’s more than you could have done if you were confined to a gym membership! You’re free to exercise when you want and how you want. Come rain or shine, you don’t have to worry about skipping leg day.
  • Availability. Gyms can be crowded, especially if you can only go during their busiest hours. This can mean doing more waiting than lifting weights. Having to wait for the equipment you want to use is a hassle that no one likes going though. However, when the equipment is in your house you have free reign! (Unless your significant other wants a turn, but that’s for you to decide.)
  • Hygiene. One reason I switched from the gym to home fitness is the cleanliness. Just think of all the sweaty bodies that have been on that bench before you. The wiping down rule may wipe away the sweat — kind of — but the germs are still lingering. This goes double for around flu season. How many people still head to the gym while they’re sick? Too many. In your home, you know how many people have used your equipment, and none of those people are strangers. (Hopefully.)
  • Privacy. While all gyms should be judgment-free zones, we all know some humans don’t play nice. If you’re like me and not a hardcore gym-goer, it can feel daunting to hop on the treadmill next to Jenny the marathon runner. But when you’re at home you can let it all out, take as many breaks as you want, snack on some chips while running; there is no judgment here!
  • Comfort. It doesn’t get more comfortable than your own home. Want to jog in pajama pants? Go for it! Want to jog in no pants? You can do that too! Whatever makes you comfortable, you can do it. You can also feel free to blast Gonna Fly Now by Bill Conti from the Rocky movie while pretending you’re about to defeat Ivan Drago… hopefully that’s not just me.

If you’re serious about wanting to get in shape and do so on your own terms. Check out what your local sports store has in stock. Some sports stores may even have financing options so you can buy even the most gym worthy equipment without breaking the bank!