Stop Hurting and Start Yoga

Stop Hurting and Start Yoga

Health and Fitness September 6, 2019

Back pain has become a problem in the United States. One-half of working Americans have admitted to suffering from back pain symptoms every year. That’s millions of people that continue to suffer from some type of spinal disorder. Traditional non-surgical and surgical options have been tried by many but failed to remedy the pain. An exciting new development has been discovered by spinal disorder expert Dr. Michael Sinel, yoga therapy.

Follow the Guidance of Spinal Disorder Expert Dr Michael Sinel

Spinal disorder expert Michael Sinel M.D., who is also a yoga instructor at UCLA School of Medicine, has found that yoga therapy is actually highly beneficial for people suffering from chronic back pain related to spinal disorders. This is especially true for people that have tried several medical alternatives that have not worked in regards to relieving their back pain.

Yoga is a therapeutic type of exercise that can help lessen spine, neck and back pain. The use of yoga is a new option that has already proven its potential. Back pain disorders have always proven to be difficult to pin-point. Now yoga therapy sheds some light on an otherwise painful affliction when a series of poses that are hand-selected are used under the guidance of a physical therapist or spinal disorder expert.

The idea is to improve your flexibility while building strength in tissues and muscles that all support the spine. When those areas are improved, mobility is regained and pain is reduced or even eliminated. This type of non-invasive treatment is the perfect option for many people that do not want to undergo surgery or use powerful drugs.

Spinal Disorder Expert Dr. Michael Sinel Recommends Yoga Therapy

When a spinal disorder expert recommends yoga therapy people listen. There are many benefits when it comes to performing yoga without any negative drawbacks that are normally associated with other types of therapeutic procedures. It is important to understand that yoga therapy works, but it is only part of a bigger treatment plan. It simply enhances your recovery but does not necessarily replace all treatment options. It is always advisable to speak with a spinal disorder expert to find out if yoga will be helpful for your exact spinal condition.