Why Speech Therapy Matters All Throughout The United States

Why Speech Therapy Matters All Throughout The United States

Health and Fitness September 4, 2019

Speech and language disorders are prevalent all throughout the United States, this is something that the data on the subject more than supports. As a matter of fact, up to 40 million people in this one country alone have some kind of a speech disorder, if not a communication disorder. Speech disorders come in all shapes and sizes and can stem from many root causes, as well, meaning that many people will need specialized treatment to overcome their speech disorder. Fortunately, speech therapy is also more prevalent than it has ever been and through a course of speech therapy – sometimes a hugely intensive one – it is more than possible to overcome a speech disorder or at least learn how to work around it given the tools that a good speech therapist will be able to teach you.

Ideally, the earlier on speech therapy is started, the better – thanks to the malleability of the average child’s mind. Fortunately, many speech issues are caught relatively early on in the game, with up to 5% of all children presenting with a noticeable speech disorder and need for speech therapy by the time that they are of school age. When a speech disorder is noticed, a pediatric speech therapist should be contacted, as such a speech therapist will be able to provide speech therapy that is tailored for children, also known as pediatric speech therapy.

But before this pediatric speech therapy can begin, it will be important to see if there are any underlying causes to the speech disorder in question. For instance, hearing loss is often a main cause of speech disorders, as the inability to hear things properly can certainly distort how a person speaks. And hearing loss is also quite a bit more common than perhaps many people realize. As a matter of fact, the data is again in the favor of this claim. This data suggests that up to 36 million people all throughout the country are dealing with some level of hearing loss. And though much of hearing loss will be seen among older people living throughout the United States, children can, of course, also be impacted quite seriously. Hearing loss also occurs on a scale, meaning that some people have far worse – or far better – hearing loss than others do and will therefore have differing needs surrounding it.

Fortunately, catching hearing loss early on can mean that the child in question has a longer time to learn how to deal with it. Learning how to handle hearing loss – sometimes severe hearing loss – in a hearing world can be difficult, but becomes much more seamless when someone has experience in it from a very early age. This early exposure to something like speech therapy can make a big difference in the life of any child with hearing loss, whether that hearing loss was genetic or developed due to various other things and environmental factors.

Of course, speech therapy and speech issues are not just for those with hearing loss. More minor speech impediments can also be treated with speech therapy. In fact, therapy for child with speech impediments is hugely commonplace indeed. Even a minor lisp can be gotten rid of through pediatric therapy focusing on speech. For many children, this can be important, even for matters such as their self esteem. Being able to make themselves more clearly known is also important, and speech therapy is also ideal for such purposes.

For many people, speech therapy is something that has been hugely beneficial. Speech therapy can be good for anyone of just about any age, but it must be mentioned that speech therapy will likely be, by and large, most effective for younger children. Speech therapy is ideal for fixing speech problems early on in life, while the brain is still plastic and changes in speech patterns will be far easier to solidify. As with many things, early intervention and early speech therapy can make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. All in all, speech therapy is something that is likely to be hugely beneficial for even relatively minor speech concerns.