Taking Care of a Hurt Back

Taking Care of a Hurt Back

Health and Fitness April 18, 2019

The human skeleton is an evolutionary marvel, since humanity is the only species to walk fully upright as opposed to all fours. This means that the human skeleton is designed to support our bipedal locomotion, and that certainly includes the spine. The human spine has an S-shape rather than a gentle curve, and our upright pelvic bone, long and tough leg bones, and arched feet are other adaptions to this lifestyle. This gave early humans all sorts of advantages in the wild, but an upright posture has its detriments. The human spine often gets work out over time, and accidents or injuries may result in a lot of back pain. In fact, chronic back pain is among the most common types of chronic pain experienced today, and this is an ongoing problem even in a developed nation like the United States. The good news is that for a slipped disc or other issues, a spine surgeon can help, or even degenerative disc disease or disc replacement. These and other forms of surgery can be done when one or more spine surgeons are on hand, and more minor back problems may not call for invasive surgery at all.

Back Surgery

Some problems with the human spine call for a spine surgeon, and a spine surgeon may help with what is called Scheuermann’s disease. This spinal issue causes a deformation in the spine and unusual curves and wedges, but a spine surgeon may correct this issue and restore a patient’s mobility and flexing arcs afterwards. In other cases, strain may cause a spinal disc to slip, and this may greatly limit the patient’s mobility until a spine doctor can take care of it. Lumbar fusion, scoliosis, and other issues may also be treated with varying levels of surgery. Scoliosis, in particular, affects about 2-3% of the worldwide population and may affect about six to nine million Americans. Such an issue may cause a curve of 20-30 degrees in a growing child, and should be checked once every four to six months or so.

Non Invasive Spine and Back Treatment

Meanwhile, chronic back pain is cause by stress on the spine, joints, or back muscles, but these issues may not require a spine surgeon’s help. Experts have said that around 80% of the American population will eventually deal with back pain at some point, and about 50% of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms. Such back pain affects one in three women and one in four men, and a number of common causes have been identified. For example, hard manual labor for years on end may cause this stress and pain on the spine and back muscles, and suffering an injury, such as while playing sports, may cause spinal issues as well. In other cases, ongoing stress has often been blamed for spinal problems, and a pregnant woman may suffer back issues due to the added weight and shift of center of weight. That, or simple old age may cause spine issues, since an elderly citizen has spent many decades with their upright posture. But there are remedies for all of this.

One method for non-invasive spinal treatment is to consult a chiropractor, and a person’s doctor or physician may refer them to one in their local area. Such a doctor may use their bare hands or simple tools to readjust or realign a person’s bones, joints, and muscles to relieve pain and pressure, Many Americans who experienced chiropracty have reported a great deal of satisfaction and would recommend this treatment to other back pain sufferers, too.

Back pain can also be treated when a person signs up for private lessons with a yoga master. Yoga is used for more than clearing the mind; this is a set of moves that rigorously but naturally bend and flex the human body from head to toe, and an expert will know how to guide a client through the right moves. One’s doctor may recommend a yoga expert, and the client may find a local studio and explain their needs to an expert there. Over the course of several sessions, the patient may relieve pressure and tension on nerves, muscles, and bones alike and restore their full mobility all over their bodies. this may soon eliminate their pain.