The Benefits Of Participating In Cycling Classes

The Benefits Of Participating In Cycling Classes

Health and Fitness February 7, 2018

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In our busy world, it can be difficult to find the time or the motivation to exercise on a regular basis. But regular exercise is crucial to our well being, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, hardly any adults in the United States – less than 5% – exercise for the recommended thirty minutes of exercise everyday, and only one in every three adults gets the exercise recommended for a full week.

However, group fitness classes can help to make exercise and working out fun. A group fitness class can mean a number of different things, from cycling to yoga. Cycling is a great way to get exercise and is also very effective at fat burning and helping those who participate in cycling to lose weight. In fact, participating in cycling for just thirty minutes every day can cause a person to lose eleven pounds of fat in just one year. Those thirty minutes of cycling daily can also lower the risk of developing diabetes by up to 40%. Even just cycling at a speed of ten miles per hour burns over 200 calories an hour.

Yoga classes can also be beneficial for those looking to get more exercise into their daily routine. Yoga can strengthen joints and muscles as well as providing a way to relax and exercise at the same time. There are different types of yoga, and yoga classes are often offered at different levels so that participants that pick the yoga class that best suits them and provides the right level of challenge. Participating in yoga also makes it easier to participate in other physical activities, as around two thirds of people who partake in yoga and yoga classes are also involved in other athletic activities like running and swimming, as well as weight lifting and, of course, cycling.

Participating in exercise regularly is an important part of maintaining a healthy life for years to come. But sometimes fitting that level of exercise into a busy schedule can be difficult. Fitness classes like cycling and yoga can make working out more fun and easy to motivate yourself to go to. Fitness classes can provide socialization as well as exercise and classes like yoga can also provide relaxation, which is also essential to those with busy and sometimes stressful lives.