Five Features your Gym Software should Have

Five Features your Gym Software should Have

Health and Fitness November 28, 2017

Management system for gyms

Your hard work is paying off and you are finally seeing an increase in fitness members. Now, you want to organize the membership process and better track your members. Health club management systems are extremely useful when it comes to improving the membership process. The best software to manage a gym can offer you the following features.

Membership demographics and marketing information

Do you know who your current fitness members are? How does this compare to who you are targeting with marketing campaigns? When you have software to manage a gym, you can easily pull membership demographics that will help you with your marketing efforts. For example, according to a Nielson Global Consumer Exercise Trends Survey, about 45% of millennials exercise regularly. If you are failing to sign up millennials, it could be a problem with either your fitness facility not catering to them or your marketing efforts not successfully reaching them. Either way, you can use this information to improve your business successes.

Understand finances

Running a health club is a business. In order to obtain funding, put money back into the business, or to know your true business success, you need to understand your finances. With software to manage a gym, you can get a better idea of how much income you have coming in each month. Your health club software should also be able to inform you how much money is owed. You can use this information to make important business changes.

To improve employee staffing

Staffing at the busiest fitness times helps to improve the customer experience. If a fitness member has to wait a long time to checkup, they are likely to get frustrated. If you do not have enough fitness teachers on staff for the busiest classes, people are more likely to stop coming, and eventually to cancel their fitness membership. Approximately 36% of all regular exercisers participate in some kind of fitness class. However, it is also important to track when members are coming to your facility the most. With software to manage a gym, you can identify the busiest and slowest times of the day. With this information, you can staff your employees accordingly.

To automate the billing process

If your gym employees have to track down fitness members to collect payment, you will find that it not only wastes their time but also complicates the entire payment process. Your software to manage a gym should also include advanced billing systems for gyms. This payment gym management system completely automates the process. When your fitness members sign up, you simply inform them of the payment date. With a bank account on record, the money is automatically withdrawn from the account. The entire payment process is more convenient for both parties.

Quickly pull up member information

Software to manage a gym combines all of your member?s information into a database. When a fitness member has a question about their account, you can quickly pull up this information. With 58 million people going to a gym or health club annually, the ability to retrieve account information in seconds is very important. You can use this account for payment information, contact information, and even emergency contact information.

The gym going experience should be convenient and simple. A fitness member should be able to quickly scan a membership card to enter the building. The payment process should be automated, on the same date of every month. In order to organize your member?s information, you will need an advanced software system for gyms. You are likely to find many benefits to these programs, including better targeting for marketing and a better understanding of your financial situation.