Snoring Solutions Find a Treatment for Your Sleep Apnea

Snoring Solutions Find a Treatment for Your Sleep Apnea

Health and Fitness February 15, 2017

Non surgical sleep apnea treatment

Do you wake up often throughout the night or wake up feeling unrested? If you’re known for snoring, this could be the reason you’re not getting the sleep you want and need. You’re probably searching around for snoring solutions that work. Let’s look at how you can resolve your snoring issues and get yourself a nice night’s rest for once.

Do Breathing Strips Around the Nose Work as Good Snoring Solutions?

If you’re looking for snoring solutions, you may be tempted to buy strips you put over your nasal passage at night that prevent you from snoring. If you have an extremely mild snore, this may eliminate the problem. However, this won’t work for the average person who snores.

There are better, more preventive options out there that can help you with sleeping easier and eliminate snoring completely.

Sleep Apnea Hinders Millions of Americans

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that affects millions of Americans annually. Essentially, anyone who has breathing problems when sleeping (snoring or swallowing in your sleep). It takes more than a strip over your nose to help cope with this sleep condition.

CPAP Machines and Masks

If you’re looking for immediate snoring solutions and don’t mind spending a few hundred dollars, you’ll need to look at the CPAP machines and CPAP masks made specifically for people with sleep apnea.

These machines pulsate a steady stream of air through your airways while you sleep, forcing your throat to stay open. For most sufferers of sleep apnea, find this to be an instant solution to their problems.

It does need to be acknowledged that these might not fit for everyone. While most of the machines are relatively quiet, you’ll need to discuss with your partner if there ok with the steady noise of the machine. In a convincing argument, you can tell them that the low noise is an ambiance that helps people fall asleep. Not to mention, it’s better than hearing you snore all night.

Try a Night Mouth Guard Specialized for Your Sleep Apnea

Some people find the CPAP machines and masks to be uncomfortable. If you’re unwilling to try it but still want an immediate sleep apnea solution, they have oral appliances now. As awareness for these oral treatments gains more exposure, they seem to be a better fit for most people.

These mouth guards help align the lower jaw forward so that it opens your airway passages for better breathing. This prevents anyone who has any severe snoring, swallowing or teeth grinding issues from experiencing a bad nights’ rest.

Some professionals believe that combining a CPAP mask with an oral appliance can make the CPAP mask more comfortable during the night and helps better with severe snoring.

Get the Mouth Guard From a Professional

Although there are a few over-the-counter mouth guards, they have not been approved by the FDA for sleep apnea. Many wearers may experience jaw pain when waking up, teeth realignment or even have worse sleep apnea.

It’s best to get custom fitted for an oral appliance that’s FDA approved. You won’t risk the same complications you would with an over-the-counter guard. Remember, the goal is to eliminate your sleep apnea — not shift the problem to another problem.

There Are Many Different Snoring Solutions Available to You

Finding the best snoring treatment will vary according to the severity and the reason why you’re experiencing it. Sleep apnea can be a symptom and not the sole problem. Checking with your primary physician will help narrow down your solutions even further for you.

However, most sufferers of sleep apnea experience it because their throat relaxes while they sleep. While it’s unknown why the body does this, for some people, it causes huge problems in the future with romantic partners. This is where these solutions can help you beyond just getting you a good nights’ rest.

There are solutions to snoring. As more research is being conducted, specialists are offering more extensive options to eliminate it as a problem for people.

While there are a few surgical procedures that can be done, it’s always better to avoid going under the knife if possible. Forgo surgery and try these non surgical sleep apnea solutions to better enhance your life. This is the best option available before having a surgical procedure performed on yourself.