What You Need to Know About Men’s Hair Loss

What You Need to Know About Men’s Hair Loss

Health and Fitness November 9, 2015

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Hair loss is one of those things that becomes a fact of life as you grow older. But that doesn’t mean that many men are ready to lay down and deal with it though. In fact, studies have shown that men actually feel less confident and more depressed when they begin to lose their hair. One study even showed that men are more afraid of hair loss than they are of their partner cheating, or being robbed. Because of this, it’s incredibly important that you have some knowledge on hair loss so that you can make informed decisions as you get older.

Who is affected?

More people lose their hair than many realize. In fact, by the age of 50, as many as 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. to translate, that means that 35 million men in the United States alone are suffering from some level of thinning hair or baldness. About half a man’s head of hair is usually gone before it’s even visible!

Why does it happen?

Hair loss is cause by a number of things. It can be hereditary, so if your father lost his hair at a certain age, often times, you will lose your hair around the same time in life. The process may also be sped up by things such as stress or illness. It may also be affected by your diet: lack of protein and even too many vitamins have been linked to baldness. Lastly, certain medications may be linked to thinning hair.

What are the treatment options?

With recent technology advancements, there are more treatments for hair loss than ever. These treatments include: hair replacement, hair restoration, and hair transplants. You can speak to a hair loss specialist if you aren’t sure which one is right for you. Mostly, you have to choose whether or not you are okay with a surgery, or if you would like to stick with non-invasive treatments.

Are you experiencing thinning hair or baldness? Do you have any plans to attempt to reverse it?