3 Facts About the PiYo Diet You Never Would Have Guessed

3 Facts About the PiYo Diet You Never Would Have Guessed

Health and Fitness November 5, 2015

30 day workout challenge to lose weight

Everyone across the country is talking about PiYo, a new fitness regime that incorporates elements of yoga and pilates for a well-rounded and fun workout routine.

But there’s more to PiYo than just exercise. In fact, many PiYo trainers recommend that you follow the PiYo diet plan in addition to your new workout routine for optimal results. By both eating right and staying active, you’ll be able to get toned and healthy faster, enjoying the beach body you’ve always wanted.

Not sure if taking the plunge into the PiYo nutrition plan is right for you? It might actually be easier and more enjoyable than you think — just take a look at these three ways you can benefit from the PiYo diet plan:

The PiYo nutrition plan makes it easier to lose weight

While your regular PiYo workouts will undoubtedly help you tone up and shed pounds, maintaining the right diet is a key part of your weight loss plan as well. The diet recommended by PiYo professionals is based around lean proteins, healthy fats and good carbs — all the necessary factors for good health. It’s a balanced diet that still lets you enjoy your favorite foods in moderation.

PiYo eating is easy to plan

Adhering to this diet plan is shockingly easy, requiring little preparation or thought. As a result, it’s great for busy lifestyles. You can find planning checklists online that you can fill out on a weekly basis as you plan your meals for the upcoming days. Best of all? PiYo nutrition plans allow you to have two snacks per day so you’ll be able to keep those cravings at bay while

PiYo nutrition is based on real foods

Tired of nutrition plans that have you eating processed, unnatural-looking foods? The PiYo nutrition plan might be your answer. This diet plan is based entirely off real, natural foods that can all be found at the grocery store. Your meals will arrive at your table unprocessed, fresh and healthy.

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