Telemedicine Trends Are Revolutionizing the Medical Field

Telemedicine Trends Are Revolutionizing the Medical Field

Health and Fitness November 20, 2015

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As technology has continued to improve, there has been incredible advancements in the medical field. With new machines that can perform operations that were once impossible, and new studies allowing more insight into the function of conditions and diseases, we are more able to offer treatment to the ill than ever before.

Besides new machinery, one underestimated form of technology fueled medical treatment is that following telemedicine trends. While treatment was once only available to patients being-face-to-face with medical professionals, there is now substantially more access for them to receive help remotely from practically any location.

When the telemedicine platform was first beginning to be utilized, a trial of online therapy was conducted to judge patients’ response. It was found that each patient averaged about six sessions. Up to 73% of them even re-booked with the same clinician.

With the crazily hectic lives that most people now lead, keeping up with doctors appointments is not always an easy task. If something comes up at work, or you need to go pick up your children, or even because you simply forgot, there’s no telling what could prevent you from getting all the way out to your doctors office. When you’re able to conference call through telehealth solutions with your doctor from the comfort of your own home, patients will be much more liable to set time apart for it.

In an even more extensive study of telemedicine trends, an 18 month trial was testing the reaction of patients going through both telehealth software systems and face-to-face sessions. The results showed that patients kept returning to telepsychiatry sessions at a rate of 92%, while those in face-to-face sessions only kept up with their appointments 87% of the time.

Even though telemedicine trends are a relatively new service, its effectiveness has already caused its use to skyrocket in recent years. The number of patients using telehealth services is projected to grow from 350,000 back in 2013, up to 7 million by 2018.

Just getting patients to seek out medical care is a difficult task in and of itself. The more readily available treatment is, the more likely patients are to find it.