Why You Can Trust Your Physical Therapist to Take Good Care of You

Why You Can Trust Your Physical Therapist to Take Good Care of You

Health and Fitness June 13, 2014

Sports medicine specialists

When athletes undergo arthroscopic back surgery, arthroscopic shoulder surgery, lower back rehabilitation, and other operations, they often need the help of physical therapy clinics, and sports medicine programs to get back on their feet.

These facilities are staffed with highly trained physical therapists that are well-versed in how to improve mobility in patients that have suffered both major and minor injuries. Several of these professionals also pursue a doctor of physical therapy degree.

But the road to becoming a doctor of physical therapy is not easy, as students have to go through extensive schooling and training in order to practice.

Here are some of the requirements they face when they enter graduate school.

  • Rigorous Courses. Many curricula require students in a doctorate program to take several consecutive quarters of classes, as well as a clinical clerkship, seminars, and courses that specialize in functional anatomy, neurophysiology, kinesiology, physical restoration, and rehabilitation diagnoses, to name a few. They must also learn pharmacology, and how motor control affects the body in order to help patients.
  • Internships. Some doctorate programs require one semester in an internship, if not more. These clinical internships expose students to the everyday lives of physical therapists, and also real life patient situations. They will learn how to apply their knowledge and skills at medical facilities and physical therapy clinics.
  • High Achievement. Graduation from a doctorate program usually requires a steady, high grade point average of at least a 3.0 throughout a student’s coursework. If students falls below this, they may be placed on academic probation, and will need to raise their GPA within a couple of semesters. If these standards are not met, a student could be kicked out of the program.

These are only a few of the requirements that face physical therapy students during their schooling. While these curricula may seem harsh or too difficult, it is important to remember that in order to properly serve patients, these professionals must know the ins and outs of the human body.
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