Keep Little Johnny Well and Vaccinate

Keep Little Johnny Well and Vaccinate

Health and Fitness June 10, 2014

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Every 20 seconds a child dies from a disease that can be prevented by vaccinations, according to UNICEF. That is a startling statistic, but your child doesn’t have to be a part of it. Finding a pediatrician and getting pediatric care for your child can keep them from contracting (and potentially dying from) very serious illnesses. There’s a reason people don’t get diseases like Polio or Smallpox anymore, and it’s partly because pediatrics clinics offer vaccinations.

Only one in a million kids suffer from serious side effects from being vaccinated. One in a million. The pediatric office isn’t just a place to get a lollipop, it’s a place to get your child potentially life-saving vaccinations, the risks of which are far fewer than not.

Keeping up with your kid’s vaccinations at a pediatrics clinic will not only decrease the chances they have of getting a life-threatening sickness, but will also keep those illnesses from passing from your child to others. For example, children who are vaccinated for diphtheria are four times less likely to contract the disease than children who are not vaccinated. Additionally, going to a pediatric medical center and getting your child vaccinated protects not only your child, but everyone your child comes into contact with, including you and the rest of your immediate family.

We like our kids to stay healthy; they’re small, they’re cute, and we much prefer them running around and getting into things than their being ill. Taking your child to a pediatrics clinic for vaccinations is an almost necessary way to prevent illnesses and keep little Johnny on the playground. Check out this website for more: