The Finest Massages and Skin Care Products

The Finest Massages and Skin Care Products

Health and Fitness March 20, 2019

Modern medicine and health take a wide variety of forms to treat an equally wide variety of health issues, some more serious than others. In the arena of non-invasive, drug-free health treatments, some common treatments such as a medical massage, skin care products, spas, and more prove highly popular among Americans today. A professional medical massage can do a lot of good for mental and physical relief, and massage techniques have been refined over many years for max results. The benef8its of massage therapy are varied, and skin care can be done at home too to prevent typical skin issues. A spa, meanwhile, is another fine way to relax the mind and body alike and also take care of the skin. Where can someone find a massage therapy specialist near them, and how does skin care work today?

Americans and Massages

Massage therapy for pain or for mental stress is common enough, and many Americans visit professional massage parlors for this sort of relief. Surveys show just how popular and effective this non-invasive treatment can be. An AMTA survey done in 2014 showed that between July 2013 and July 2014, 15% of all American adults received at least one massage. About 54% of the Americans who got a massage in that time frame did so for treating pain, stiffness or soreness, injury rehabilitation, and overall well-being. Sometimes, an American patient may consult his or her doctor before choosing to get a massage, and many doctors may recommend this course of action if it is for the best. There are practically no risks involved with a massage, and many professional massage therapists may be found in clinics or hospitals across the United States. A typical massage may last 15 to 90 minutes, based on the client’s preferences and needs.

While a massage clinic involves the use of a therapist’s bare hands, oils, and soothing music for the patient, some commercial products supplement this need. Massage chairs, for example, are specially designed to vibrate (their settings can be modified), and these chairs can be found in some major retailers. Similar products include hand-held neck massage tools (which also vibrate), not to mention devices that massage the legs and calves. Many of these retailers may have sample products out in the open for customers to try out.

A Relaxing Spa

Many Americans are familiar with a spa, even if they haven’t taken one themselves. Spas are flexible therapy, since their warm air and humidity are a fine way to relax the muscles and the mind alike, and a spa is good for the skin, too. Spas can remove dead skin cells from the face and also help slow down the wrinkling and other effects of aging, giving spa regulars a more youthful appearance. Typically, it is women who are most interested in spa treatment, but anyone can try out a spa and get the benefits of this healthy, low-risk therapy method. A spa may include anything from a face mask to thick towels to specialized tubs of warm water for the client. Many spas may also include massage options as well.

Other Skin Care

A person will hardly live inside their local spa. In between visits, or in place of them, a consumer may make use of all kinds of skin care products available commercially. Retail outlets and online catalogs alike are fine places for finding the right skin care items, which can address anything from acne and dryness to bags under the eyes. Acne is a fairly common reason to use skin care products, which can help prevent the formation of acne or reduce its effects. Often considered unsightly, acne affects around 85% of people at some point in their lives, and it typically starts with adolescence. This condition may affect older adults, though, who are in their 20, 30s, 40s, or sometimes even their 50s, and many people get scars from acne. Other common skin issues include dryness, which is often considered unsightly and unpleasant to touch, and bags under the eyes. Lotions, oils, moisturized skin care pads, and more are commonly available, and around the world, consumes buy many millions of these products to keep their skin looking smoother, fresher, and more youthful.