The Comeback Of Indoor Playgrounds

The Comeback Of Indoor Playgrounds

Health and Fitness January 6, 2019

Playgrounds are always a sure way to attract customers or members into your business. Parents are in search of an engaging and fun activity to keep their children preoccupied and active, and children love playground areas to play and make new friends while their parents are busy. Commercial indoor play structures are prevalent because of its ability to provide endless hours of recreational fun that allows children to indulge in the joys of childhood—nearly two-thirds of parents believe their child spends too much time on electronic devices, and most parents believe technology is significantly dwindling their childhood experiences. Luckily, indoor playgrounds have made a significant comeback in recent years, with the availability of an indoor playground for sale being more accessible than ever before. Investing in an indoor playground for sale allows for children to interact and play among themselves without the interruption of technology to minimize their organic social experiences.

Why Are Indoor Playgrounds Making A Comeback?

Playgrounds are reminiscent of many childhoods—summer days with neighborhood friends, playing from morning until sunset. The first thing you thought about before you went to bed and woke up, where would you and your friends typically meet? Most likely a playground. Playgrounds will always have a special place in many of our hearts because playgrounds are a staple for many long-lasting friendships and even friendships that transpired into thriving relationships that blossomed into families. The cycle a playground’s life is rich and full of life, but for today’s children, there’s a noticeable decrease in the time spent at parks or recreational centers due to the steady increase of advancements in technology that impedes the traditional stages of childhood play.

The lack of activity has caused profound effects over the years; childhood obesity rate Is at 18.5% —The American Heart Association recommends children 2 and older should engage in at least 1 hours of physical activity a day. However, children are getting considerably less than the recommended amount, and many parents don’t have the time to ensure their children’s activity level because of their hectic schedules. The rates of exercise in children are shown to be significantly less than previous years, accounting for less than one-third of children according to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association that classify “active to a healthy level” which is only 25 minutes of high-calorie-burning physical activity at least three times a week.

The resurrection of commercial indoor playground equipment allows businesses to gain attraction through the means of play as companies grow in their clientele, as do the population of children that account for their growth. Marketing to children appeals to a broader audience that is typically easy to please—businesses have begun to invest in a kids indoor play structure to attract and benefit parents through giving their children a safe, convenient place to play. Studies for have shown the benefits of physical activity in children and adolescents have a more active lifestyle through their lifespan than their non-active counterparts. Studies also show nearly one-third of families spent an average of 20% of their household income on child care. Businesses are catering to this market by installing indoor playgrounds to allow parents to bring their child along without paying for attention services.

Where Would I Purchase An Indoor Playground?

Looking for an Indoor playground for sale are available through a variety of industrial websites dedicated to parks and attractions. As the popularity raises among playgrounds, businesses are starting to invest in structures, like a commercial indoor jungle gym that can provide a play area for children, while their parents can reassure, they are in a safe environment with minimum stress. Some companies even choose to invest in indoor soft play equipment to create a safe place for children to interact and have fun, without potential danger of the equipment. Finding an indoor playground for sale is relatively easy as well, as they’re readily available through industry websites with options for customization. Purchasing an indoor playground through a website is far safer than any other method because the playgrounds are customized to benefit the specific size and general areas of your business’s location—commercial indoor playground equipment can also be hand-selected from the variety of options available, making selection more manageable for business.