Hearing Loss in The United States and The Benefit of Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss in The United States and The Benefit of Hearing Aids

Health and Fitness December 31, 2018

Hearing aids are one of the most common treatments in American seniors aged 65 and older. With about a quarter of all these people struggling with a hearing loss disability, there is much to gain from the advanced technology of hearing aids today.

Hearing Loss in The United States

With complete hearing loss being the most commonly recognized disability of this sort in America, there is much more to consider when it comes to troubles with hearing. About 15% of adults at least 18 years old face some type of hearing needs. Additionally, there is the potential of permanent hearing loss that can be caused by sounds over 85 decibels. This can happen in recurring settings like work and other locations, causing hearing loss to occur much earlier in life than the senior years.

A great deal of research has been collected to prove that hearing loss is likely not a genetic disorder. First, it has been shown that over 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents. Additionally, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has determined that there are at least 200 over-the-counter medications that may cause hearing damage. While it may not be a huge amount of hearing loss, even the mildest loss of hearing can make children miss about half of all vocal interaction in the classroom.

Hearing Treatment

With most Americans first wearing a hearing aid at about the age of 70, there are still almost 30 million adults in our country who could benefit from hearing aids. Many of these people have never used them, and many of these individuals also do not realize that they have any issue with hearing loss at all. Some of the best locations where hearing can be checked and treated include these:

  • Hearing aid clinics
  • Hearing centers
  • Hearing clinics
  • Hearing healthcare clinics
  • Hearing test centers

With the doctors and nurses in these centers able to help test for hearing loss and fit for an appropriate hearing, there is much to gain for the improvements to be gained from a return to complete hearing. Many adults may be able to improve issues with focus or attention when they are able to hear at a 100% level. Many more lifestyle benefits can come along as well with the improvement of hearing.