When Was the Last Time You Needed Weekend or Evening Health Care?

When Was the Last Time You Needed Weekend or Evening Health Care?

Health and Fitness December 4, 2018

Winter weather has arrived, and so have the cold and flu season. From the stomach bug that your 17 year old daughter battled over the weekend to the strep throat that your 21 year old college daughter tested positive for, you can tell that this indeed is the start of a difficult season. When you or someone in your family suddenly falls ill over the weekend, it is important to know what options are available. Instead of making the expensive decision to go to a, hospital emergency room health care consumers have other options. And even if they do not want to wait for a chance at a Monday morning appointment at your local pediatrician, there is still the chance to get the care that you need.

Walk in clinics are often the best way to deal with weekend and evening illnesses and health concerns or injuries. In fact, a walk in clinic is so advantageous that some people even visit them when an illness or injury occurs during regular weekday office hours.

Urgent Care Clinics Offer the Best Option for Many Consumers Looking for Affordable and Convenient Care

Finding a local walk in urgent clinic is not that difficult in large cities. Finding one that is open the hours that you need it, however, can some times be a challenge. Fortunately, however, 85% of urgent care centers are open seven days a week. In addition, 80% of urgent care centers provide fracture care. Knowing the kind of care that you need allows you to make the best health care selection. From the need for care for a poison ivy exposure to the care needed for minor burns, a walk in clinic is an affordable option. It is also an option that is both convenient and reliable.

Consider these facts and figures about the health care options that are available at walk in clinics across the country:

  • Patients with strep throat are generally asked to quarantine themselves for 24 hours after being diagnosed, so it is important to be tested as soon as possible.
  • Although you might think of it as a childhood disease, strep throat can also affect adults, accounting for up to 10% of the total cases that are diagnosed every year.
  • 22 million school days are lost every in the U.S. because of the common cold, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
  • Dizziness is the second most common complaint heard in doctor’s offices. In fact, it is an addition that will occur in 70% of the population of the nation at sometime in their lives.
  • An increasing number of people are dealing with multiple health conditions because as worldwide obesity levels have nearly doubled since the year 1980.
  • More than 1 million bone fractures occur every year.

Winter weather brings with it a number of problems. In addition to the road conditions that are often common, many people find themselves dealing with illnesses that occur when people spend more time inside. Luckily, there are a number of walk in health care clinics that can help you deal with everything from a strep throat to a sprained ankle.