Male Grooming Is Getting More Popular What A Simple Beard Care Kit Can Do To Transform Your Look

Male Grooming Is Getting More Popular What A Simple Beard Care Kit Can Do To Transform Your Look

Health and Fitness December 5, 2018

You’ve been feeling a little…scruffy lately.

Every time you look in the mirror it’s like a before and after picture that hasn’t finished loading. You’re feeling less than your best and want to know of a technique or product that can give you a brand new look. Make this the year you pick up a little know-how on beard care and skin care. Simply scrubbing your face with a bar of soap every other morning isn’t enough…not if you want to snag a date or get a promotion! There are plenty of quick grooming options you can pick up and incorporate into your morning routine, but only some will give you the visual punch you’ve been craving.

Less is more. Here are some tips for beard maintenance and skin care to make you look like a brand new person.

Male Grooming Is On The Rise

Gone are the days swaggering around in a three day-old cloud of body funk. Potential dates and businesses alike want to see well-groomed men, from your hair to the clothes you wear. The global male grooming market between 2012 and 2024 is expected to see a significant leap. Once 2024 arrives it’s predicted to hit an impressive $30 billion in products, consultation, and specialty businesses! According to a recent Statista survey, nearly 20% of respondents reported using beard care products on a daily basis.

Beard Care Products

Who wants to see a patchy beard filled with God knows what? Not you, not your friends. The American market for men’s shaving goods has been enjoying steady business, expecting to grow 10% to over $3 billion once 2020 arrives. Now’s a good time to stock up on some beard tool kits to get that facial hair looking sleek. Beard oil can help create a natural sheen, while a beard shaving kit is designed to give you a step-by-step that can be easily followed. Make sure to relax your pores with a warm washcloth to reduce the onset of pimples and bumps!

Daily Face Wash

Skin care can seem like an art form. You have a thousand different potential skin problems and only so much time to get to all of them. Whether you struggle with dry skin that flakes or oily skin that leaves you with embarrassing acne, this is one area you’ll want to get started on as soon as possible. A mens skin care kit can come with a daily face wash, a toner, and a moisturizer to set you off on the right path. More serious skin problems, however, should be brought to the attention of a dermatologist. This includes cystic acne and eczema, both stubborn issues that tend to resist over-the-counter treatment.

Mens Deodorant Kits

Do you resist the urge to smell yourself? That might be a bad sign! When you have a busy week and aren’t able to dip in the shower, a good deodorant will solve most of your problems. A Statista survey found nearly 80% of respondents stating they use deodorant on a daily basis. The great thing about a good stick of deodorant is it can be used on-the-go and taken with you to keep you smelling fresh, though it’s recommended you give your underarms and neck a wipe down first. You don’t want to just layer sandalwood or chai tea over your sweat!

Transforming Your Look This Year

You don’t need to go to a med spa to get a complete transformation. You just need to pick up a few good habits. Good accessories for shaving on top of beard care and maintenance are ways of improving your day-to-day look without going overboard. The number of men who aren’t shaving is starting to go up across all age groups, sitting at a pretty 20%. Beard care can include a good shaving oil or a proper pair of scissors to trim stray ends. Toss on some mens shampoo or mens under eye cream to complete the package.

You don’t have to content yourself with staying scruffy. Give yourself another chance with some beard care supplies this year and watch your life follow suit.