Three Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy Even at Daycare

Three Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy Even at Daycare

Health and Fitness January 12, 2018

Child care decontamination

Daycare is a necessity for many families with children. Those that have young children not old enough for school but still need someone to watch them so parents can work. This isn’t a bad thing, but there is a cause for concern that most parents face: dealing with children who get sick and how they can take care of them. Many parents look for terminal disinfection solutions and wonder what the best ways are to keep their children healthy and prevent problems from occurring. Read on and discover some of the easiest methods for preventing the spread of germs at daycare.

Wash hands Often

Children catch up to ten colds a year at schools and daycares. The best way to ensure prevention of colds and other problems that are present at these facilities is to wash hands frequently. Talk with the teachers at the daycare, and make sure that children wash their hands after using the bathroom and before each meal. Make sure to teach children the proper way to wash hands at home, to prevent germs from spreading. Less than 10% of people wash their hands for the suggested amount of time which is more than 15 seconds. Terminal disinfection of the germs is the most important thing during this period.

Keep Children Home When Sick

Although it’s difficult to call off or find alternative care for children when they are sick, it’s best they stay home and out of harm’s way. Children who go to daycare sick are sent home anyway, thanks to rules in place for child care infection prevention. Keeping your child at home means that they won’t be able to spread their germs as easily, and have plenty of time to rest. Getting rest is the one surefire way for children to get better when they are sick with a cold or the flu.

Lern About Disinfecting at the Daycare

Find out what the process is for surface disinfecting at daycare. Child care decontamination is important because it stops the spread of germs in their tracks. For example, the flu virus can live for over a day if it is not properly cleaned away. Ensuring that proper practices are done at the facility and at home go a long way. Keeping your home clean ensures that any germs brought home from daycare by your child are not tracked into the house.

Although it’s not easy to keep your child germ free when they are in daycare, there are methods that can be used to help. Parents can learn about difference disinfection methods, including terminal disinfection. Teaching young children the proper methods used in hand washing and how often to do so goes a long way in preventing the spread of germs. Keeping everyone at home when they are sick and allowing them to fully recover is important to make sure they get back to feeling like their old selves.