Low Testosterone Medical and Natural Solutions

Low Testosterone Medical and Natural Solutions

Health and Fitness January 13, 2018

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Low testosterone is a situation involving men that hurts their ability to function with high levels of concentration, good levels of memory, a high sex drive with endurance, and a general feeling of confidence, all of which are associated, supposedly, with masculinity. These are serious issues that involve changes to a person’s testosterone.

One of the ways to naturally increase testosterone is to lift weights. Lifting weights is an activity that stimulates the muscles and increases the rigor at which the body is supposed to respond to the muscles. It increases testosterone because it is an activity that requires brute force, or even anger. Lifting weights is a “manly” activity.

Lifting weights also increases testosterone because it naturally requires a person to give their “all” to lift weights. This is especially true of free weights, which require a great deal of concentration to avoid mishandling the weights and causing injury. Lifting weights increases testosterone because it increases adrenaline in the system.

There is also a general feeling of lifting weights that increases someone’s ability to feel confidence and strong, which enable them to act in a more self-assured manner. Lifting weights increases a person’s ability to feel comfortable in their own body and to have self-confidence in that body image.

There are statistics surrounding low testosterone in men.

  • As many as 13 million American men may have low testosterone.
  • Levels of testosterone in the male body rise during and after puberty, then gradually decrease after age 30.
  • Low testosterone rates increase with age, affecting about 20% of men between ages 60 and 70, 30% between 70 and 80, and about 50% of men older than 80.
  • One-third of men with type 2 diabetes also have low testosterone.

For those that suffer from low testosterone, there are some natural solutions other than weight lifting. Although weight lifting is generally considered one of the top ways to increase testosterone, there are other ways as well. A key may lie in the Type 2 diabetes statistic.

One of the ways to increase testosterone is just to increase the positive feelings a person has about their body. There is also physical benefits to these next things as well. Some of them involve making the body more “manly” or more “in shape.” This is generally important for a hormone like testosterone.

One way to increase testosterone is to lose weight. Losing weight is critical to maintaining a good body image and to feel healthy and active. Losing weight and moving to a more healthy weight shows good health, good healthy eating habits, possible exercise, and much more.

Another way to increase testosterone is to eliminate negative foods from diets. Eliminating sugar and sugary foods is said to cause a rise in testosterone levels, especially if those sugars come from simple carbohydrates such as candy bars and anything where sugar is not in a complex arrangement in foods.

Another way to increase testosterone is to increase the amount of healthy fats in the diet. This is possible through numerous means, as numerous foods contain healthy fats. They include avocados, nuts like almonds and walnuts, seeds like hemp seeds, fat from fish like salmon and more.

Dealing with testosterone in a natural way reduces the need for other forms of treatment and therapy. However, if all the natural methods fail to increase the amount of testosterone in the body, it is possible to try hormone therapy to increase it. Hormone therapy for men is possible, as well as taking hormone supplements.

One option for treating low testosterone levels is called hormone pellet therapy. Hormone pellet therapy is a new technique that involves planting plant-based hormones in the body. They do not “replace” hormones but help them grow. Hormone pellet therapy leads to more testosterone because the pellets are helpers.

Hormone pellet therapy helps those with low testosterone create more testosterone hormones in the system. There are other terms for this. It is also called male pelleting, hormone pellets, balanced hormone therapy and more. Hormone pellet therapy helps individuals get the hormone treatment that they need in order to produce more testosterone.

Individuals with low testosterone are also at a risk for lethargy, apathy, dullness and difficulty in sleeping or staying awake. They may have difficulty in concentrating and other symptoms.