Four Tips to Increase the Comfort of your Bike

Four Tips to Increase the Comfort of your Bike

Health and Fitness January 17, 2018

Road bike saddle comfort

Are you an avid biker or someone that wants to increase the amount of time they spend on their bike? Biking has many health advantages including cardio exercise, stamina building, and it is a fun way to get outdoors. Yet, many people feel that they do not use their bikes often enough. One of the biggest reasons for avoiding biking is discomfort. A bike that is not comfortable is not tempting to ride. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve the comfort of your bike and increase the number of hours spent biking.

Choose the right size bike
Many people are surprised to learn that there are different sizes of bikes. Instead of making your bike purchase decisions solely based on child versus adult size, consider shopping for a bike that fits your sizing needs. Some bikes come with larger frames and bigger tires. Others come with larger and more comfortable of bike seats. At more than 1 billion, there are twice as many bicycles in the world as there are cars. There are many options of bike sizes and types to choose from.

Try out different bike styles
Just as there are many different sizes of bikes, there are also different styles. A mountain bike is made for long distances, while a sport bike is better for shorter, but rougher terrains. In 2012, 25% of all bikes sold by specialty stores were mountain bikes. The best way to choose a bike style is to try them out. Most biking stores will allow you to take a quick ride around the store or even in the parking lot. Choose a bike style that you feel comfortable with and that meets your biking needs.

Keep storage in mind
In today?s biking industry, there are many accessories that improve your ride. You can bring along your phone to stream music. You can also bring along a water bottle to ensure that you stay hydrated. Some bikers even opt to bring their camera to capture any unique images along the way. Just remember that any item you bring along, you have to store it somewhere along your route. If you intend to bring many accessories with you, make sure your bike has plenty of storage. This can come in the form of a basket on the front or little compartments along the bike?s frame.

Change out bike parts for additional comfort
You do not necessarily have to run out and buy a new bike to be comfortable. Most bikes have interchangeable parts. This means that you can replace one part for another and increase the overall comfort of your bike. One of the most common parts to replace is the leather bike saddles. Comfortable bike seats can really make or break your ride. With many benefits of having a comfortable bike seat, the ability to take extended bike trips is probably the best one. There are many types of bike saddles and it is best to try them out. Head to your local biking accessory shop and feel the different types of comfortable bike seats.

The bicycle industry in the United States is very prominent. In fact, it saw $6.2 billion in direct sales in 2015 alone. With many different bike styles and sizes to choose from, every adult can take advantage of the benefits of biking. Changing out different parts of the bike, like the comfortable bike seats, can improve the ride and get even more adults on the road.