Choosing the Best Sit and Stand Patients Lifts

Choosing the Best Sit and Stand Patients Lifts

Health and Fitness September 26, 2017

Wheelchair lifts

The Sit to Stand Patient lifts are the most suitable lifting devices that allow patients to conveniently handle daily life routines with much ease. This medical device is primarily operated by caregivers who specialize in assisting people with disability, mobility problems, the elderly. The machine hoists and moves patients from a bed, chair, toilet, shower or wheelchair.

Unlike other supporting lifting devices such as stair lifts that involves a complex installation process, the sit to stand patient lifts are ready to use. They don’t need any installation and their application is pretty straightforward. Their ergonomic designs make them perfect to be used in both private and public settings, particularly in homes and hospitals. While a majority of conventional patient lifts used manual powering, new and improved models are either hydraulic or electric powered.

However, sit to stand patient lifts are recommended for people with some level of mobility. For severe immobility cases, there are other specialized systems such as wheelchair lifts that you can use. Here are some of the benefits you stand to get from using a mobility lift device.

Car Transfer
Unlike wheelchair lifts which often requires modification, sit to stand patient lifts can be used with different types of cars. The lift allows an easy and quick way of transferring patients across locations. In addition, the lifts are effective to be used both in an indoor setting as well as outside.

A sit and stand lift is among the most portable patient lifts available. There are models that allow quick folding and unfolding for easy handling and storage. The portability also contributes to their lightweight, making it an essential tool to carry around.

Sit to stand lifts are easy to move because of their strong handle grips and legs. The lower base in a majority of the patient lifting devices boost stability and enable smooth steering. The legs are designed in a way that they can move across tight spaces while protected with a rubber base,

Whether you are looking for a custom lift machine or something basic, you certainly want to be sure that you are not only getting a supporting device, but a helper. Other lifts come fully computerized to offer even more functionality. Whatever your choice is, you should carefully consider your options to find something that suits your specific needs.