Top 3 Reasons to Use FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

Top 3 Reasons to Use FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

Health and Fitness August 22, 2017

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Male pattern baldness is common among men. And most men are self-conscious of their hair loss. They often feel the loss of hair makes them look older, less masculine, and less attractive. Men trying to fix the problem can fall into the trap of cheap promises make by television commercials. Skip the dyes and the crazy contraptions that promise results. There are better options. A hair transplant surgery may be the best option for you. There are different kinds of hair transplant surgery, follicular unit strip surgery and follicular unit extraction, also known as follicular transplant. Below are the top reasons to consider a FUE hair transplant surgery.

1. FUE uses smaller grafts. Follicular unit extraction, FUE, is a hair transplant procedure that grafts individual follicular units using a punch about 1 millimeter in size. The small grafts, instead of strips of scalp from the back of the head, make this procedure less invasive and will reduce the amount of scars. A male hair loss specialist can walk you through the procedure so you know what to expect.

2. The FUE procedure is fast. FUE hair transplant surgery takes about 8 hours. One working day and you can be on your way to getting your hair back. That’s it. One day. Hair loss can be fixed and your confidence restored with a procedure that only takes about 8 hours.

3. Heal faster with FUE. While healing time varies depending on skin type, typically redness settles in about 4 to 5 days. The hair grafts take in a matter of days. With other, more invasive options, recovery takes longer and can leave obvious scarring. The less invasive follicular unit extraction makes healing faster. You can be back to normal in about a week.

Hair transplant surgery is a big decision. If you are tired of your hair loss, consult a hair transplant clinic and a male hair loss specialist. The most common options for hair transplant surgery are follicular unit extraction and follicular unit strip surgery. FUE is less invasive, has a shorter recovery time, and doesn’t leave large scars. At the end, you have your real hair that you can cut or grow as you see fit. If you are wondering how to treat hair loss, contact a hair restoration specialist about your options.