What Americans Are Turning To When Dieting And Exercising Doesn’t Help Them Lose Weight

What Americans Are Turning To When Dieting And Exercising Doesn’t Help Them Lose Weight

Health and Fitness June 13, 2017

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Why are you on a diet? Is it to achieve the trim figure you’ve always wanted? How about promoting a healthy lifestyle to reduce your chance of stroke, heart disease or heart attack? There are many reasons why American adults seek out individualized diets, but one thing is for certain. Nobody is happy when they don’t eventually reach results. Spending weeks and weeks avoiding favorite snacks and sticking to strict diet plans can seem like a waste when you still are holding onto excess pounds or experiencing fatigue. When you need a boost to supplement all your hard work, bariatric surgery is a wonderful tool you can turn to.

Weight In America

Many Americans go on diets to lose weight. Studies have shown one out of every three adults in the United States are considered to be obese. While some extra weight is perfectly healthy, too much can go the opposite direction and increase an individual’s chance of developing conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Since there is no one-size-fits-all approach, many diets have found popularity among different people.

Common Healthy Diets

There are plenty of diets to choose from on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Some diets remove fatty red meats in favor of fish and poultry to reduce harmful cholesterol, while other diets are strictly vegetarian and instead glean iron and protein from different types of beans. Keep in mind that, no matter which diet you choose, it should never leave you feeling hungry and tired. Being full, happy and losing weight can absolutely go hand-in-hand!

Common Dieting Concerns

Nearly 80% of all dieters try to lose weight on their own. Despite this, many have concerns about their diet’s ability to do the job. A recent survey saw half of all American respondents saying their diet is unsuccessful because of a lack of self-discipline. An additional survey conducted by Mintel Diet Trends back in 2016 said 70% of respondents agree a strong support system is essential for long-term success.

Medical Weight Loss

When diet and exercise aren’t quite helping you reach your goal, bariatric surgery or gastric bypass surgery can do the trick. Patients can lose as much as 70% of their excess weight after having what’s known as duodenal switch surgery, which reduces stomach size by a significant amount. Similarly, patients who choose gastric sleeve surgery can lose as much as three-fourths of their excess weight after a session or two. Which one is right for you depends on a medical professional’s diagnosis.

Choosing A Medical Weight Loss Plan

A healthy diet can help you lose weight, encourage a healthy heart and stave off conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. Regular exercise can reduce your risk of stroke and promote strong muscles. When you add a doctor supervised weight loss plan to the mix, your results can be truly brilliant. Bariatric surgery or gastric sleeve surgery can trim down your stomach line, remove excess pounds and help you achieve both better health and a trimmer figure than you ever thought possible. Whether it’s right for you depends on your individualized health plan and unique health issues, all of which can be determined with a quick visit to the weight loss surgery center. Want to be the best you can be? Just like a diet, it all starts with a plan.