What To Expect When Diagnosed With Sleep Apnea

What To Expect When Diagnosed With Sleep Apnea

Health and Fitness April 25, 2017

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If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea the most effective treatment available is through a continuous positive airway pressure machine also called a CPAP. Sleep apnea is prevalent in as many as an estimated 18 million Americans. You?re not alone in your diagnosis and there are many options available. Let?s take a deeper look at the solution and ask what exactly what does a CPAP machine do?

The CPAP machine requires wearing a mask over your nose and uses a tube to blow air through to continuously maintain airflow during your sleep. The CPAP should be worn anytime you sleep, even if you?re just taking a nap and especially if you are one of those deep sleepers.

Many CPAP machines have several modern features and variable options and are covered by even the most basic insurance plans. For best results and continued insurance coverage, patients should use CPAP at least 70% of the time over a 30 day period, for at least 4 hours every night.

After Diagnosis

You?ve gone through a sleep trial at a clinic and you were diagnosed with sleep apnea. Once you have had your sleep study, your body will be tested and measured for titration or air pressure. Once this process is complete, you can get a prescription which will likely be filled at a sleep clinic or a retailer that sells CPAP supplies. Generic brands work just as well as top name brands. The only thing to consider is how adaptable that machine will be so take some time and research the options available. Flexible options can give your CPAP machine potential for long term use or allow for upgrades to modern technology.

Consider Your Purchase Options

You can find machines and cpap supplies online with heavily discounted offers
. Always confirm that the retailer is requiring a prescription. You don?t want to buy a machine that is being sold illegally. The most likely scenario is that the sleep center you were diagnosed at will offer you a CPAP machine for sale or rent. You should always consider more economic friendly options when possible, you can take the specifications and research offerings from suppliers that are online. If you can find CPAP supplies online, consult with your doctor on the best options for your diagnosis. Often, suppliers offer trial periods for equipment so that you can test the product and make sure it is a good fit. You should consider all of your options when looking for CPAP masks online.

Choosing Your Mask

CPAP mask reviews are a great way to analyze and get first hand use case information on those products. When buying CPAP masks, you want to consider your comfort level first. The options available consist of 4 different types of CPAP masks which are Full Face Masks, Nasal Pillows, Nasal Masks, and Oral Masks. These CPAP masks are all secured by using a cushioned strap which wraps around the forehead and sometimes the chin. The more you research reviews, the more you will find how each style relates to each individual. Don?t hesitate to reach out to those individuals on forums and websites and ask questions. It is not unheard of to have several types of CPAP masks, sometimes alternating between masks helps you in certain sleep situations and help change the amount of pressure being applied to your skin.

Additional Features

Most CPAP machines should have a memory chip which
is helpful for doctors to measure your usage and results. There are several customizing and adaptable options for travelers. Your doctor may highly recommend a heated humidifier for potentially dryer climates. If you are in colder climates, consider options for your hose attachments that prevent condensation. There are also battery backup options which can be a little pricey but worth it if you seek some extra assurance and reliability.

It is important to not let the discovery process break your confidence. Studies show that about half of all people prescribed CPAP machines stop using them in one to three weeks. Some people find comfort quickly and some unfortunately give up quickly. Keep trying and it will become second nature and you will find relief in due time.