Health Insurance Why Competitive Employers Need To Offer It

Health Insurance Why Competitive Employers Need To Offer It

Health and Fitness April 26, 2017

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When people look for jobs, one of the main things they look for is health insurance — now more than ever. For that matter, a lot of people look specifically for group insurance that covers not only them, but their family members. Health insurance is something that most Americans simply can’t safely live without, and therefore the offering of group insurance makes a job much more appealing to the every job-hunter. A company — especially a small business, which may otherwise not be as noticeable to potential employees — that offers health insurance will automatically jump to the top of a job-hunter’s “wish list” as it were. For that matter, employees will work harder to keep a job if it comes with health insurance. Insurance is one of those employee benefits that takes a job from “casual” to “serious”. A job that offers group insurance could go from being the sort of job that a person keeps just because they don’t have any other options at the moment, to a job that grows into a real career. Below, we’ll look into the benefits of a company offering its employees group health insurance plans — not only to the employees, but to employers.

What Are The Benefits Of Offering Group Insurance For Employers?

Let’s get more detailed about why offering full-time employee benefits programs is more beneficial to employers. The fact is that employers are able to attract employees of a higher caliber when they offer better benefits. The higher your caliber of employees, the better the results for your business. A recent Gallup Poll revealed that companies that increased their number of talented managers and double the rate of engaged employees achieve an average of a 147% increase in earnings per share compared to their competition. What kind of employees are engaged? Well, employees that are actively disengaged are twice as likely as engaged employees to have been diagnosed with depression at some point. Not only will employers that offer health insurance and other benefits be more likely to attract engaged employees — they’re more likely to create a level of engagement in the employees they have. The fact is that employers are more likely to be appreciated if they appreciate their employees in return — employees will feel a higher sense of loyalty towards employers that offer better benefits. Therefore, they will not only be more attracted to a job — they’ll be less likely to leave it.

What Are The Benefits Of Group Insurance For Employees?

Insurance — especially insurance that covers not only employees but dependent family members — is obviously necessary. It’s the way we pay for our healthcare in America. The fact is that when a person lacks healthcare, it’s difficult for them to relax and feel comfortable. Therefore, they’re unable to properly tend to things like — well, their jobs. Employees who don’t have health insurance also feel less appreciated by their jobs, and their performance further suffers. Right now, half of employees report that they’re confident that they can find jobs within the next 12 months, and 35% report that they’ll leave their jobs if they don’t get a raise. Employees clearly don’t feel as if they have to stay with a job if they don’t get what they need — and what they need is health insurance.

The fact is that companies that wish to hire employees for higher level jobs, and for that matter wish to grow, need to offer these kinds of benefits. It’s not just a matter of decency; it’s a matter of practicality for all parties.