Can a Facial Make You Look Younger?

Can a Facial Make You Look Younger?

Health and Fitness April 28, 2017

Some of the most popular options that are available at many spas and treatment centers today are facials and similar skin care treatments. Finding a local skin care person you can work with and finding a center that offers skin related treatments can make it easier to keep your skin healthy and strong. While the signature facial price tag may be a bit much for some people, there are other much more affordable options that can help you take care of your skin.

A skilled and experienced skin care person who works at a medical center or treatment center can offer advice on what options are right for you and your unique skin care needs. Searching is as easy as getting online and looking for something along the lines of “where is the best skin care place near me” or “what spa facial massage near me is open today.” From there, you can work on comparing rates and services and customer reviews until you find one that sounds right for you. So, start today and see how easy it can be to get healthy and beautiful skin that makes you look and feel your best!

How far would you go to have lovely, clear skin? While botox injections are not as vilified today as they once were, many men and women are still uncomfortable with the thought of using fillers. Thankfully, the skin care industry has improved the effectiveness of gentler options. The newest craze may be the hydrafacial, which has drawn immediate comparisons to microdemabrasion.

Women are no strangers to odd pursuits in the name of beauty. There is some evidence that the Ancient Romans used grease, barley flour, and herbal oils in an attempt to prevent wrinkles. It seems that visible signs of aging has always been seen as unfortunate.

Wrinkles actually fall into two categories. They are either caused by damage from the sun, in which ultraviolet light damages the delicate surface, or through muscle contractions. The first category results in fine lines, such as crows feet or slight lines above and below the lips. Deep furrows around the mouth and brow, or “elevensies,” fall into the second group.

Clearly then, one’s approach to minimize the signs of aging must address both. In this regard, botox does have its merits. Women over the age of 35 seem to agree, as botox is the number one aesthetic procedure in that age group. No procedure lasts indefinitely however; every procedure requires touch ups to keep a client looking their best.

For those beauty junkies looking for the next hot procedure that does not require a needle, hydrafacials may prove to be a great option. A hydrafacial uses a combination of purified water and air to deep clean pores, resulting in extractions and exfoliation while adding moisture and antioxidants.

The procedure requires no down time after, unlike more intensive methods. For clients with very sensitive skin, there may be some redness for a few hours after the procedure.

While experts caution that skincare products need about six weeks to show their effects, a hydrafacial shows instant improvement in the texture and clarity of one’s skin. For those wanting better skin immediately, consider making a visit to the dermatologist. Flawless skin has been a hot commodity for centuries, and if anything, our procedures have become less odd throughout.