I Don’t Want To Gain Weight Over The Holidays What Do I Do?

I Don’t Want To Gain Weight Over The Holidays What Do I Do?

Health and Fitness October 3, 2016

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What do you do when the holiday seasons start rolling around but you’re trying to maintain a weight loss regimen? This is a question many Americans ask themselves during Thanksgiving and Christmas, torn between the desire to relax with family and keep a close eye on their scale after a fun evening. The truth of the matter is that weight loss is possible in many different ways, not just the incredibly strict vegetable diets and weight loss programs you see in advertisements. Medical weight loss is a tried and true method of assessing an individual’s unique needs and providing a realistic schedule so you can obtain weight loss without sacrificing your happiness or health. There’s no reason to dread Halloween or New Year’s — let’s take a look at some simple weight loss tips.

Set Reasonable Expectations

It sounds good to want to lose 20 pounds in two weeks. The fact of the matter, though, is that unreasonable expectations are only going to lead to disappointment, frustration and potential relapsing into bad habits. The majority of medical weight loss professionals agree that losing one pound per week is a feasible goal for most people, though you should always check with your regular doctor if you have additional factors that need to be taken into consideration — this can include anemia, chronic anxiety disorder and diabetes. Setting your goals every few weeks to a month will keep your future seeming close at hand rather than too far away!

Don’t Starve Yourself

Medically supervised weight loss aims to set a healthy pound to height ratio so you can reach your desired weight in a reasonable amount of time. It’s easy to become impatient, though, and go overboard counting calories in an attempt to trim your waist line. Resist the urge! Not eating enough will only serve to make you irritable, moody and even affect your ability to concentrate when at work or school. Give yourself a few light and healthy snacks to reach for when you get hungry, such as replacing chips with pears, so you can reduce your calories: not your energy!

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

When in doubt, sweat it out! Exercise is the great equalizer, your body’s way of shaving off pounds, sweating off grime and releasing healthy endorphins all in one fell swoop. A proper weight loss regimen should have a simple exercise plan in place to help bolster your body’s ability to replace fat with muscle — this can be as basic as jogging 15 minutes per day or brisk walking 20 minutes per day, depending on your personal ability and schedule. Additional activities can also help keep you fit, such as hiking, swimming or a few rounds of yoga with your friends on the weekend.

Find A Buddy

The worst feeling when aiming for a goal is feeling like you’re alone in your struggles. Weight loss is something millions of Americans struggle with year after year, so there’s no reason to hoof it when you could create your own support system. Weight loss centers hire seasoned professionals and trainers who can direct you to people facing similar issues — many people trying to lose weight find it easier to reach their goals by going to the gym or taking yoga classes with like-minded individuals!

Visit A Medical Weight Loss Clinic

If you’ve tried a new diet or just aren’t feeling the results of an exercise regimen, you may want to check out a medical weight loss program. These centers have a plethora of resources and trained staff to help pinpoint the direct cause of your weight gain and narrow down your schedule to one that can bring about the change you need. Need a better diet plan? They have you covered. Need a little motivation? Become acquainted with one of their many medical weight loss nurses or doctors. When the holidays roll around there’s no reason to fear — with a little dedication and planning, you can indulge while still seeing the weight loss you’ve always wanted.