What’s The Difference Between Emergency Rooms, Urgent Care And Physician Offices?

What’s The Difference Between Emergency Rooms, Urgent Care And Physician Offices?

Health and Fitness June 14, 2016

Urgent care hours

Have you analyzed your health insurance lately? For those who have their coverage in flux or are unable to afford assistance, local urgent care is an option you can seek out when you’re in need. Medical urgent care is a daily service provided to millions of people every day when they’re unable to see a regular doctor or have an immediate problem that needs diagnosing. However, there are still wide misconceptions about the role and function of urgent care centers. If you or someone you know may need urgent care facilities in the future, read below to learn about the times they are open, how long you have to wait and the services they can provide you and your loved ones.

When Are Local Urgent Care Centers Open?

While it is prudent to check the times of your local urgent care facility, studies have been conducted to see the most frequent opening and closing times of these centers. Over 65% of all urgent care centers will open before 9:00 a.m. during the week, with many opening at the same time on Saturdays at 45% and Sundays at 30%. Most centers will also stay open until 7:00 p.m. or later on weeknights, at a majority 90%, with two out of five remaining open until later. Try to keep this in mind when seeking out the services of urgent care centers.

How Long Will I Have To Wait For Help?

How long you will wait to be seen depends widely on the amount of people before you and the available staff at your given local urgent care center. Surveys have shown one in five urgent care centers receiving over 450 patient visits per week, at 21%, and that number isn’t expected to go down any time soon. According to a study by the Urgent Care Association Of America, nearly 60% of patients will wait 15 minutes or less to be seen by a staff nurse or doctor, with 80% of visits an hour or less on average. People will choose an urgent care clinic over an emergency room visit or physician’s office due to time restraints and the immediacy of their condition.

Why Do People See Local Urgent Care Centers?

While you may see a regular doctor or frequent a clinic to get check-ups or physical therapy, a local urgent care center is necessary for small or immediate problems such as sprains, cuts, broken bones and burns. The vast majority of urgent care centers provide fracture care, at an estimated four out of five, and another 40% use electronic prescription ordering systems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a little under half of all ER patients were admitted to hospitals because their physicians’ offices were closed. A single physician or a group of physicians owns at least half of all urgent care centers, so you can remain confident you will be properly diagnosed and assisted by a professional.

Do I Need To See An Urgent Care Center?

Visiting your regular doctor or clinic is ideal if you have an ongoing condition or can afford to wait for an extended period of time before receiving care. If you have a broken wrist or received a first-degree burn, however, an urgent care center may be the option you need to get immediate assistance as not to exacerbate the injury. Over 70% of urgent care centers can provide intravenous fluids when needed, such as supplementing loss of blood due to a severe cut, as well as medication for allergies or mental health. When you can’t afford to see an emergency room and need help fast, your local urgent care center can help you.