The Cat’s Meow and the Crow’s Craw Why Veterinary Exam Tables Are the Next Big Thing in Interior Design and Decorating

The Cat’s Meow and the Crow’s Craw Why Veterinary Exam Tables Are the Next Big Thing in Interior Design and Decorating

Health and Fitness May 21, 2016

Refurbished medical equipment

What really makes a “good” bottle of wine, anyway? Is it the price tag? The rich aroma, the taste? The eye catching label? Does a bottle of wine taste any better just because someone told you it’s supposed to? Really — what is it? Similarly, what makes something “fashionable” or passe? Is it the designer label or lack thereof? Is it fashionable because a celebrity was paid to wear it on the red carpet? Or is it en vogue because it’s blowing up all over on social media?

Or, get this — a bottle of wine can be good because it’s pleasing to your taste buds. Because when you drink it, it stimulates your sense of taste and smell. And a look can be fashionable because you say so. Because when you wear it, you feel confident. Really, it can be that simple. Of course there are markers as to what makes a bottle of wine taste better than one that’s bought at a drug store, and designer clothing is usually of better quality than something purchased at a gas station, but in reality, you have the power to make anything good that appeals to you!

When you free yourself from the societal ties that bind you and program your brain into thinking what’s hot and what’s not, you open up a whole new world of possibilities reminiscent of what Jasmine experienced when Aladdin took her on a magic carpet ride. You can define what you think is in, what you think is cool, and what’s aesthetically pleasing to you. Do you realize that this is how trends are started in the first place? Some of the best artists, painters, photographers, inventors, scientists, and researchers were ridiculed for their work, only to have it ignite an entirely different movement or way of thinking that changed and influenced lives!

This is especially true when it comes to creative endeavors such as interior design and decorating. Who says you can’t use a regular ol’ veterinary exam tables as a trendy, modernist work station? Who says vintage used medical equipment can’t be juxtaposed next to rustic, shabby chic pieces for an eye-catching contrast in texture, style, and color? Who says refurbished medical equipment such as veterinary exam tables aren’t becoming the hottest thing since sliced bread when it comes to interior design and decorating? That’s the thing — they are!

Used medical equipment for sale are becoming hot ticket items when it comes to interior design and decorating, with both dumpster divers and celebrity designers alike flocking to these pieces and using them to add character and aesthetic relief to spaces. There’s no denying that used medical equipment such as veterinary exam tables have character, albeit in a clinical, practical, and sterile sense. This can create a unique contrast especially against the warmth and earthiness of rustic pieces such handmade tables and dressers.

You can use old veterinary exam tables in a number of different ways. They can be customized and modified to suit your specific aesthetics, needs, and purposes. For example, spray paint is a beautiful thing — really. And when you combine it with the clinical feel of veterinary exam tables, true magic can take place! White spray paint is a great way to tone down the sterile look and feel of stainless steel medical equipment and give it a warmer aesthetic. Add some upholstery, and you can make a comfortable seating area, a baby changing station, or a pet bed!

Veterinary exam tables can also be modified and used as a work station or desk. Adding some decorative accents such as a vintage lamp, a trendy computer, and some bright colored flowers is an excellent way to create contrast and really make the space your own. Place it on top of an oriental rug, a shag rug, or any other kind of carpeting that rests on cement or hardwood flooring and you’ve just created a look that’s straight out of an interior design or decorating magazine.