Urgent Care Versus The Emergency Room The Advantages

Urgent Care Versus The Emergency Room The Advantages

Health and Fitness May 20, 2016

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All of experience the run of the mill aches and pains. This can range from everything from a common cold to a “24 hour stomach bug”; from a scraped knee to a twisted ankle. Most of the time, these issues can be treated with over the counter medicine or a few days’ rest. However, sometimes things come up that fall into the in-between category. These issues are not necessarily serious enough to warrant a visit to a hospital, while at the same time they need professional medical care. There are other reasons why hitting a hospital or the emergency room might not be your first option — among them the amount of time that visits to medical hubs like those can entail. You won’t always have the ability to take six hours out of your day to attend to a broken wrist. This is where urgent care centers come in. An advantage urgent care center can make receiving the proper medical care for an injury, no matter how seemingly minor, simpler, cheaper, and ultimately more accessible. The ultimate goal is for you to get the care you need. So, let’s look into why many are turning to advantage urgent care.

What Is Urgent Care?

Many wonder about the difference between urgent care and the care you’d receive at an emergency room or a major hospital. Some may even have the misconception that urgent care isn’t the same thing as traditional medical care. This is not the case. In fact, about 50% of all urgent care centers are owned by a physician or physicians. The purpose of an urgent care center is to provide quick medical care for a variety of ailments. An urgent care center is not a place that you go to for intense, long-term treatments. Rather, advantage urgent care provides a quick fix that will, for most issues, be enough to solve the problem completely. If you have an issue that urgent care services cannot handle, you will be referred a medical facility that can care for you properly. But there are a number of medical issues that can be handled directly at advantage urgent care center.

What Kind Of Problems Can An Urgent Care Facility Solve?

The kinds of services offered by an urgent care center can depend on the staff employed at the center in question, as well as its more general resources. About seven in ten urgent care centers offer intravenous fluids when necessary. This can be a good solution for patients suffering from fevers or the flu, or any issue that causes dehydration. It’s also an effective way to administer certain medications quickly and efficiently. Some urgent care centers also offer prescriptions for medication to be taken at home, with about 40% of them using electronic prescription ordering systems. Many more use computerized systems for viewing lab imagery results; collecting patient demographics; billing; condition and procedure noting; and clinical notes. Of course, illness is not the only reason why people stop by urgent care centers. They’re great options for those suffering from sudden injuries. A total of four out five urgent care centers offer fracture care. This is a great resource for people with busy lives who nonetheless need to seek medical care, and quickly at that.

What Is The Advantage Of Urgent Care Over The Emergency Room?

When you think of urgent care, you may actually immediately imagine the emergency room. You feel as if you’ll get quick care there; but the reality tends to be different. For one thing, urgent care centers tend to offer their services for a much lower cost than the emergency room. For another, the wait time is very different. About 60% of urgent care centers have a wait time of 15 minutes or less to see a physician or mid-level care provider — compared to the hours spent waiting in the E.R. With that kind of difference, it’s no wonder why so many people go to urgent care centers rather than a big trauma center.