Urgent Care Express for a Busy Schedule

Urgent Care Express for a Busy Schedule

Health and Fitness April 25, 2016

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Daily life has become far more hectic over the last generation. Work hours have changed, vacation time and sick leave are nonexistent for many workers, and family duties and activities have grown. Because of these, and other factors, finding the time to visit a doctor for anything other than a true emergency has become something many people simply feel they can?t manage. Fortunately, the medical community has taken notice and is adapting by offering urgent care express facilities.

Scheduling Your Time Wisely

Many people find it difficult to schedule time into their busy lives, even for necessary medical care. Adults will often push aside symptoms and try to work through feeling bad simply because their doctors are not available when they are not at work. Urgent care express centers have begun to fill this need for many patients. Urgent care hours are far more flexible and better suited to those with demanding personal and career schedules. Nearly 70 percent of urgent care express centers are open before 9:00 am during the week and nearly half open at least one day one the weekend. About 90 percent are open until at least 7pm on weeknights, and 40 percent are open as late as 9pm.

The state of your physical health directly impacts all facets of your daily life, from productivity at work to enjoyment with friends and family. If you aren?t feeling well, it is imperative you take the time to seek treatment in order to be the best version of yourself possible. Urgent care express facilities are able to address common health issues such as strep throat, sinus infections, and ear infections at hours that make sense for your busy life.

Don?t Waste Your Time

One of the reasons people avoid taking care of routine things, such as getting a flu vaccination, is because they don?t have the time to wait for extended periods in a physician?s waiting room. One of the benefits in choosing urgent care facilities for this type of routine health maintenance is wait times are typically far less than in a more traditional setting. Recent studies show a wait time of less than 15 min in about 60% of urgent care centers. In part, this is due to about 65% of urgent care express centers having a physician available at all times.

Many people have a narrow window of time available to take care of themselves. Urgent care express centers recognize the value of their patient?s time and have designed their facilities to accommodate even the most hectic of schedules. If you need unorthodox business hours, or short wait times, along with phenomenal medical care, an urgent care express center is an option to consider.