3 Tips for Changing Your Life and Health Around, For Real This Time

3 Tips for Changing Your Life and Health Around, For Real This Time

Health and Fitness May 6, 2016

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Did you know that, according to the Centers for Disease Control, about 75% of healthcare spending goes toward treating chronic diseases? Here?s the kicker — this 75% is preventable, largely through diet.

When you?re young, the call to eat healthier and live healthier can seen annoying. After all, how much could a few slices of pizza and a few beers hurt? Over the years, however, these little snacks and nibbles begin to add up and they result in everything from heart disease to high cholesterol. These are conditions that can not only significantly impact your quality of life — in some cases, they can even kill you.

It?s time to make a change in your life. But what can you do to change things around — for real this time? Let?s take a look.

Think of the Long Term

Every time you sneak an unhealthy meal or snack, it?s easy to think ?well, I?ll just work out later, or eat healthy later, and it will cancel out.? Instead of thinking this way, try to remind yourself of the potential consequences 10 years down the line — at which point, it?ll be too late to ?cancel out a meal.? Above all else be realistic with yourself. If, for the past 20 years of your life, you?ve never actually followed up eating a pizza with going on the treadmill for half an hour, why would this time be different? Try and push yourself but also be very honest about your limitations so that you can plan accordingly.

Try Out a Workout Plan

There?s a reason no one talks all the time about how great an experience it is to go on the elliptical at the gym and watch TV for an hour. Many people are finally committing to weight loss and fitness because they?ve found programs that work for them — programs that actually make working out fun, rather than just a burden. PiYO pilates, for example, are one way to get flexible. When was the last time you were able to touch your toes? Pilates and PiYO certified instructors can help you get your fitness on track for 2016 and beyond.

Don?t Just Cut Out Foods — Learn to Eat Again

One of the biggest issues with a typical diet plan is that it involves making unrealistic cuts that are temporary in nature. If all you do is ?remove? you?re missing an essential component of losing weight and keeping it off — and that?s learning to eat again. For this reason, PiYO meal plans and others like it can actually be super useful. Even if you just try them out for a few months, they can re-orient the way you approach your meals and make you really think about what you?re eating, how much of it you?re eating, and how often you?re eating it. And PiYO certified instructors can be helpful in getting you on the right path, as well.

So, are you ready to make a big change in your life and avoid preventable health conditions? Will you be looking into working with meal plans and PiYO certified instructors? Let us know!