Why the Government Won’t Tell You That Illegal and Legal Medicinal Marijuana Can Cure Cancer

Why the Government Won’t Tell You That Illegal and Legal Medicinal Marijuana Can Cure Cancer

Health and Fitness January 16, 2016

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Here’s a little something your friendly, neighborhood family practice physician won’t tell you: legal medical marijuana can cure cancer and whole bunch of other ailments and chronic diseases. It’s not that family practice physicians don’t want to tell you this important, life-changing information, it’s just that they don’t know. Any why don’t they know? The government doesn’t want them to. In fact, the government has a patent for cancer curing legal medical marijuana, but hey…

This tea though.

Anyway, it’s no secret that legal medical marijuana has been used for thousands of years to treat a number of different conditions. It can be used to treat and cure a variety of illness and injury, ranging from pain management to anxiety and depression. Not bad for a plant! This miracle plant is considered one of the fifty fundamental herbs of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and was revered for its medicinal properties. It was also used by the ancient Egyptians for similar to treat all kinds of conditions.

So if illegal and legal medical marijuana is such a great and powerful herb that is strong enough to cure cancer and treat epilepsy — especially in the form of THC oil — then why wouldn’t the government want people to use it for the greater good? It could revolutionize the pharmaceutical and medical industries! It could change the world!

And whoomp there it is.

Simply put, the government isn’t in the business of curing cancer. Why? Because it’s not profitable at all. The causes and cures for cancer aren’t some great, big mystery. So don’t let the growing number of cancer charities make you think otherwise. Cancer medication is the bread and butter of the pharmaceutical industry, which has close ties to government. Surprise, surprise. Every prescription medication you take puts money back into the government’s pocketbook, so if you know how to cure yourself, you’re very profitable.

Rastafarian activist and musician Bob Marley is famous for saying that “herb” will reveal you to your own self, meaning that it will expand your mind and consciousness. While the dazed stoner stereotype is quite common, many have theorized that another reason the government keeps such strict tabs on illegal and legal medicinal marijuana use is that they don’t want people “waking up”. After all, it’s exceedingly difficult to try to control a population that’s woken up to the atrocities their own government has created.