3 Ways Gymnastics Classes Help in a Child’s Development

3 Ways Gymnastics Classes Help in a Child’s Development

Health and Fitness September 25, 2015

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Participation in organized sports is a great way for children to get in shape and improve social skills, but traditional team sports aren’t for everyone. Whether it be a matter of preference or ability many kids just don’t like the idea of regimented team sports and head-to-head competition. Fortunately, there are other ways to access the benefits of those team sports without joining one. Gymnastics classes are one of those options. Through regular training gymnasts can get stronger, improve balance, and fix bad posture. They have gymnastics classes for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, so whatever the skill level here are three ways gymnastics programs for kids can aid in their overall development.

    1.) Strength: Many of those ignorant to the benefits of gymnastics classes will be the first to make fun of them for being to “girly.” Of course this usually comes from teenage boys who don’t know any better. The fact of the matter is professional gymnasts are some of the strongest humans on the planet, pound-for-pound. The amount of energy and strength required to lift and hold yourself in countless positions is one of the greatest forms of exercise you can partake in. The ability to pull ones own body weight up is one of the seven primal movement patterns every human should be capable of, and participating in gymnastics will get you there in no time.

    2.) Balance: You know a sport will help improve your balance when one of the events is literally called the balance beam. Standing on a long skinny pole isn’t the only way gymnastics will help your balance though. There are event like the pommel horse, uneven bars, vault jump, and floor routines that all demand excellent balance and precision.

    3.) Social and Emotional: One of the best parts about organized sports is not only the physical benefits, but the other ancillary ones. Leadership, working with others, and discipline just to name a few. Fortunately, you can get those things from gymnastics classes as well. Most facilities that offer classes also have gymnastics teams that compete both as a team and individually.

While school sports can be great for kids, there’s nothing wrong with getting out and finding private gymnastics places where a child can gain many of the same attributes. One in three children were overweight in the U.S. in 2010 and three out of four between the ages of five and 10 get less than an hour of physical activity a day. Help your child take charge of their health by signing up for gymnastics classes today.